Union Members vs. Taxpayers

Because they’re not ever the same thing, ever:

Some new governors, most notably Scott Walker of Wisconsin, are even threatening to take away government workers’ right to form unions and bargain contracts.

“We can no longer live in a society where the public employees are the haves and taxpayers who foot the bills are the have-nots,” Mr. Walker, a Republican, said in a speech. “The bottom line is that we are going to look at every legal means we have to try to put that balance more on the side of taxpayers.”

The natural follow-up question for every reporter who now covers him, ever, is “did you mean to imply that union members aren’t taxpayers, or that taxpayers don’t belong to unions?”

I can’t believe my home state elected this teawad excuse for a human being.He’s already managed to upfuck everything he’s touched:

At its peak in 2012, the rail project was expected to create 4,732 direct jobs in construction, at supply companies and in government, with 55 permanent jobs after service started in 2013.

Among the potential suppliers was Talgo Inc., the Spanish train manufacturer with a new plant on Milwaukee’s north side.

The company is producing two trains for the Hiawatha and two trains for Oregon. It had hoped to hire 125 people if the state exercised an option for two more trains to extend service to Madison.

But after the project was canceled, Talgo said it would end production after finishing its existing work in early 2012, then convert its factory into a maintenance base for the Hiawatha trains. Talgo plans tocap hiring at 65 to avoid laying anyone off in the transition from manufacturing to maintenance.


14 thoughts on “Union Members vs. Taxpayers

  1. One thing you can say about Scott is that he completely telegraphed his intentions during the campaign. No one, absolutely no one in Wisconsin should be surprised when the shit hits the fan.
    The voters of the great progressive state of Wisconsin have fallen for the lie big time. I’m going to hide under my bed for the next four years.

  2. I saw this on another board. I absolutely can’t believe that any state would deny jobs (and that people out of work would stand for it).
    Additionally, the High-speed rail is an infrastructure issue – competative-ness. Building capability for the future. Imagine the USA if it hadn’t built interstate highways and we could only travel on winding state highways. Imagine if we hadn’t built the internet. But now we’re gonna sit back with stylus and abacus and wonder why the world is passing us by?

  3. i have to mention this to my republican WI state employee epal. he is a have. that’s why he took a part time job on the side and is in the national guard reserves too.
    i did help convince him not to vote for scott falcker. even he could see scotty was stupid.
    and brian williams is a tool. believing in global warming isn’t ‘picking’ a side.

  4. All of our problems would be solved if Martians were to invade the earth. They would become our new scapegoat for everything, relieving those who now serve that function. When things are not going well we always look for scapegoats, and things certainly aren’t going well now. Scapegoats have to be a big enough group so all of us know some of them, have some of them around to pick on. Government employees are just about perfect for that job.
    If it hadn’t become politically incorrect to do so, we could shift back to using African Americans for the job, but that option seems to be closed now. Then, there are Mexican “illegals” – they work fairly well, but do you really want to go back to doing all of your own yard work? And, not all states have enough to go around.
    I think we just need to accept that government employees now have that job sewed up. We all know a few, at least, and most of them are intelligent, well motivated, and able to fend for themselves. So, let’s just issue a group apology to them, then proceed with the demonization.

  5. MichaelF, while Scott was County Executive he gave back a significant amount of his salary (I think over 300,000). It was part of a campaign promise and Politifact says he kept the promise. He hasn’t made that promise as governor, for some reason.

  6. Thanks, Sue. I went over and looked at the PolitiFact page…
    OK, credit where credit’s due…but…he kept almost $70k, which is well above the US median income (Wikipedia lists it at about $50k).
    Not that I want to deny him a decent living…but I don’t want to deny anyone a decent living.
    I lived/paid taxes in Wisconsin for a number of years, and never recall the State bleeding me dry, even after my income became too high to qualify for a renter’s homestead credit. But, then again, I’m one of those weirdos who appreciates things like a stable civil society…

  7. Considering that the majority of government workers are either teachers, firefighters, or the police, do we really want them to be the people who can’t get a job anywhere else?
    But then I see the story about the outpouring of support for the homeless guy with the absolutely perfect radio announcer voice, and I have to shake my head at the paradox of a republic populated by truly heartfelt people that has the power to elect its own leaders, but routinely elects people who are truly sociopathic scum of the earth who wouldn’t be fit to scrape the shit from bottom of a road side outhouse with a wooden ice cream spoon without Glenn Beck’s stamp of approval.
    The American people deserve much better leadership than this. I just wish they would exercise their right to elect some.

  8. MichaelF, CVS & others, I live and pay taxes in WI right now and am in the (for want of a better word) Metro Milwaukee area. It is not at all surprising that high speed rail was a successful campaign issue for Walker; the mindset here doesn’t recognize what other urban areas see as beneficial, like transit of any kind, much less anything that contributes regionally. These folks won’t be happy until government employees are paying taxpayers for the privilege of working for them, and then taxpayers will bitch about having to pay for the heat and electricity they use. I’m only slightly kidding.
    We’re in for it now, because unlike when he was County Executive, Scott has a sympathetic legislature behind him. So the stereotypical crap he wanted to push through as exec (outsourcing! privatization! understaffing! ignoring maintenance!) should be a breeze to get through. And we can count on lots of cuts to ‘unnecessary’ social programs.

  9. The question that reporters should be asking is “What are you doing to make sure everyone is a have, not turning everyone into a have-not”
    Any local transportation issue that is made into a state wide issue is going to lose. I would certainly vote no to repair highways in Black River Falls or Wauwautosa or anyplace that isn’t local if I could. That is why local transportation issues are not the focus of statewide campaigns, unless you are a corrupt ass that wants to give already spent money to your highway contractor buddies.

  10. Anyone who has read more than just the headlines knows that it is Doyle, rather than Walker, who canceled the train project. I’m sure there will be plenty of stuff that Walker actually does for us to complain about without having to make things up.

  11. Doyle was certainly a dick and no friend of public employees. But Walker demonizes them way more than Doyle. While Doyle put the train on hold, it would have been silly and a waste of time and money to keep going forward with Walker saying no way, screw your money and fuck those jobs. At least there was more money left over to go to states that aren’t ruled by dumbasses.

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