10 thoughts on “What the Jon Benet Hell Is This Crap?

  1. It’s quite the pedophile’s wet dream when a huge business starts pimping kids as “presents.” Maybe their editors and marketing department is staffed with pedophiles.
    13 is now the new aged old hag as well. We all know that women all want desperately to dress like a pedo’s dream and have big manly daddy spank our little butts all the time. lol

  2. I feel sorry for the kids as in “Can you imagine how much of their life is tied up in this?”
    How do they find time to be a kid between all the modeling classes, spa treatments, and hair coiffures while making sure to take place in no activity that might blemish their skin?

  3. Well, being pervy or “sick” has always been a staple in the fashion biz. I mean, we went through this before, with Brook Shields and Calvin Klein. And remember those Calvin Klein/Bruce Weber photos, showing people engaged in very strongly insinuated threesomes and other sex acts? And how about “Heroin Chic” in the 90s? So why not a touch of (very upscale) pedophilia (again)?
    Guess what this proves is that while it would be condemned as “pedophilia” in any other context, it’s given a pass if done by the fashion industry to sell expensive stuff to the very upscale…

  4. Um, what if one’s sig other is w/in a year and a half of one’s age and both are amenable to fun spankings in addition to being well above the age of consent…? Is that still pervy?

  5. Damn, when did it become such a social faux pas to let kids be kids. Jeebus, kids that age should be making mud pies and dressing up Barbies or playing army and capture the flag. They should be coming home with skinned knees and dirty faces.
    I blame Madison Ave. for this shit. Once we let them put makeup on a ten year old then they’ll put a 5 yr old in spiked heels. The toxins are running deep in humanity right now.
    Maybe I’m too old but when did adulthood begin at 11?

  6. Ya know, I must be horribly jaded and numbed to all this stuff because I looked at these pictures and other than the one of the girl reclining on the leopard-print throw, they just looked like little girls playing dress up to me. When I was that age I remember raiding my mom’s lingerie closet and makeup drawer and thinking I looked like these pictures …
    I guess my reaction is colored by the fact that I rememberthose extremely disturbing pictures of a nude, pre-pubescent Brooke Shields take back in 1978. I mean, at least these girls have their fucking clothes on.
    Shows you how times have changed.

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