Down the Fox “News” Memory Hole


FromDriftglass, thislink is, well, comprehensive,to be sure.

And imagine the sort of shitstorm if even a SINGLE item was from the Obama administration or a prominent Democrat. Oh, and the storm wouldn’t be limited to Faux — even your “librul” media would feel obligated to pile on, and perhaps deservedly so.

But…IOKIYAR. Not only that, but the sheer volume of lying and bullshit means that often enough, we don’t even hear about it. Geez.

3 thoughts on “Down the Fox “News” Memory Hole

  1. Right, well, I hate to blogwhore butI wrote about something similar today so it is appropriate. Every time I heard Debbie Wasserman Schultz on TV saying how “Republicans have to lead now,” I kept wanting to scream “NO THEY DO NOT! NOT UNLESS SOMEONE HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE.” But no one ever does.
    So I don’t hold out much hope that things will be different this time.

  2. Yes, SoBeale, exactly what you wrote, also thanks for posting about and linking to the Julian Sanchez article that Vagabond Scholar mentioned.
    You know, I keep waiting for allegedly sane conservatives to take note of just how batshit insane their base has become, but aside from maybe David Frum…crickets.
    Don’t they get that the Tea Party types could do some real damage to them as well? All the nonsense about “small” government aside, conservative patronage/wingnut welfare relies in no small part on federal gumbit dollars. Dollars the Tea Party types want to be gold, which would only be THE sharpest deflationary spiral downward in history.
    And I don’t know about y’all, but even though my mom owns plenty of land, I don’t want to find out what subsistence farming is like…especially since it’d be minus any machinery that requires fossil fuel…

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