Family Snapshot

I’m sick as a dog and it’s been a crappy weekend all around. The horrible shootings in Tucson and theincoherent thoughts of accused mass murderer Jared Loughner made me think of Arthur Bremer the psycho creep whose bullets crippled George Wallace in 1972 and about whom Peter Gabriel wrote the songFamily Snapshot.Unfortunately, this sick fuck Loughner is crazier and infinitely more destructive than Bremer who just wanted his 15 minutes of fame but didn’t spray bullets at the crowd at the strip mall in Laurel, Maryland. He just wanted to be famous for killing someone famous.

In many ways, I’m in the middle on gun control issues: I have friends who hunt so I’m not opposed to responsible people owning shotguns and rifles but have never understood why private citizens should be allowed to buy *any* kind of automatic weapon; especially one so easily concealed. It’s downright stupid and self defeating.The weapon fired so lethally by Loughner used to be banned until the NRA had its way.

So, here’s our current family snapshot: a seemingly lone and deranged gunman has once again gone on a rampage. The wingers are blaming the victims and “the streets are lined with camera crews” reporting on an attempted political assassination that turned into a blood bath. It would be nice if the right would tone down their violent rhetoric but they don’t do nice and they never tone it down. Fuck them.



2 thoughts on “Family Snapshot

  1. Having used weapons in lethal defense of my own life,
    I’d like to weigh in here.
    In my case it was…
    Editilla, in the flood, with a Navy Sabre.
    Guns are faster, but I’m kinda glad I didn’t have one since two men would have died without a second thought. As it happened, I stood alone at the end of it, one ran cut while the other barely crawled away and I’d be surprised if he didn’t bleed to death. I never found a body.
    What I’m saying… when the “shit hits the fan” it is fast, immediate…the American Way.
    How does one arm one’s self for that “moment” when the world turns into a strange loop?
    I could argue that if everyone carried a gun, then someone like Loughner wouldn’t even get 30 seconds –let alone 15 minutes– of fame… and their ilk would gradually die off. Such is the reality of the gun. That’s the truth. It was the same back when everyone carried only swords.
    However, if we sought to become a true Warrior culture, then I could argue that someone like Loughner would become a rarity as personal responsibility would be more common.
    But, alas… our country has gone to Mall in a hand basket. I will say this in defense of our Constitution: we should not allow these badly medicated, Machiavelli-wannabe, Limbaudian, McRhetorical Sylodomite Tea Baggers to tell us the Handmaiden’s Tale.
    Jus’sayin… I wish we could all at least throw Pies at the Tea Baggers, if we aren’t going to kill them all before they kill us… because that is exactly what I believe they have in mind. I mean, I’m willing to die laughing –but not without a fight.

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