Is There Anything That Isn’t The Blogosphere’s Fault?

I’m asking:

LEMON: Dana, before the break, I talked to you about the mood and the tone in Washington and politics these days. We know it’s out there. We’ve seen what’s been happening on social media, some people blaming, you know, certain members, certain elected and non-elected members. We don’t know the motivation yet but does this send some sort of signal to us and to our law makers about how we view politics and tone?

BASH: Well, you’re absolutely right, we don’t know the motivation but regardless something like this tends to be… tends to be a wake up call and we’ve already heard from some members of Congress who have been on our air earlier today saying that they do hope that this is a wake up call, a wake up call for both parties to try to get out…get the word out their to their supporters, to constituents, to maybe even the blogosphere, which is not easy, to tone it down a little bit.

The point that needs to be made clear as possible, loud as possible, often as possible, is that this is about people in POWER calling for violence. There have always been fringe goofballs making noise on everything from flouride in the water to aliens in the cornfields.

The difference now is that you have members of Congress feeding these freakjobs, and a former vice presidential candidate cheering them on, and a whole news network dedicated to freaking them out and telling them where to aim their weapons.

People saying rude things on the Interwebs is a) not new and b) not ever gonna go away and c) NOT THE PROBLEM.


5 thoughts on “Is There Anything That Isn’t The Blogosphere’s Fault?

  1. What about getting the word out to the MSM to stop covering and reporting on everything these nutbags tweet and put on facebook as if the content is legitimately newsworthy.

  2. Yep, I’m sure it can’t be hate radio/tv because that’s were the serious people do news and not those types in the bunnies slippers in dark bed rooms saying what ever they like, like holding the fake news accountable;)

  3. I fully expect the conservatives to do the duck and cover dance. As we all know today’s conservatives are never ever responsible for anything that is not perfect and holy.
    Who knew cross hairs aren’t really cross hairs until it negatively impacts the revenue stream of savage princess palin.

  4. They really are going to have to peddle like mad to prevent anyone from noticing that they provide the microphone for the elimination rhetoric.

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