Palin Alone Is Not the Problem

This whole “violent rhetoric” thing is about much more than That Bitch Sarah Palin and the Stupid Things She Says on Facebook. It’s aboutthe people who fund the tea party and every other ultra-right-wing movement in this country.

Palin doesn’t help, nor do the scores of news producers who treat her every Tweet like it’s a papal bull, but there’s something about focusing on her and not on the money men that gets my back up.


11 thoughts on “Palin Alone Is Not the Problem

  1. The focus on Palin drives me batshit. It’s one reason why I refuse to post about her unless she becomes an active candidate for office. There’s lots of other people to mock so I just leave her alone.

  2. I think you’re spot on here. I think every organization that contributed to the atmosphere of hate and vitriol needs to take a close look at themselves. You don’t get to spend billions of dollars creating a poisonous political atmosphere then have the audacity to act shocked when a 22 year old kid walks up and shoots a member of congress in the head. You don’t get to do that.

  3. I see it this way–if the press is going to highlight and glorify everything she says and does, right down to whether or not she has a case of the popcorn farts, I feel an obligation to say that she, and the press, are a bunch of time-wasting narcissistic assholes. It’s necessary to at least mention that someone spending a hundred bucks a ticket to keep Sarah Palin in the style to which she’s suddenly accustomed is a moron enthralled by another moron.
    What really gets me raving are the actual (rather than the pretend) politicians who will lie openly to defend bad law that encourages wackos, such as Rand Paul, who is yapping today that Arizona’s gun laws are “unrelated” to the recent violence in Tucson.
    Oh, yes, they fuckin’ are, Randy. Someone crazy as a shithouse ratlegally bought a semi-automatic pistol over the counter with a 30-shot clip, thenlegally concealed that weapon on his person with no permit necessary, so that no one could see him coming with it until it was too late.
    That sure sounds like aiding and abetting to me, asshole.

  4. I got sick watching TV News last night. The constant refrain about how “the politicians” in Washington are at fault, “the extremists”, everything but the reality that it is the Repub right that is doing the hate mongering. This is like saying everyone in the bar is a millionaire when George Soros walks in to join a homeless man sitting at the bar. The news media is terrified that people will catch on, figure out that it is the wealthy class that really has all of us in the cross hairs.

  5. As usual, you are correct. We forget the Koch boys at our & the country’s peril. But unlike our NOLA commenter adrastos, Palin deserves everything we throw at her. Remember, it all will stick to that asshole. After all, it is her face that people like the Kochs want to spend their money on. Thanks to that batshit crazy McCain, she is considered respectable by the Tea Baggers,

  6. As always I blame the corporate media.
    They provide a microphone to every hate monger who might provide them a ratings spike.
    If they call themselves pro life the women are the enemy.
    If they are pro America they want the enemy to die. Who is the enemy? Anyone who is not with them is obviously against them and deserves to die.
    The corporate media serves this up every day barely concealing their contempt for their listeners.
    I shut the teevee off in the spring of 2008 when Olbermann was arguing that someone should take Hillary Clinton into a room that she would not come out of.
    Now we see them posturing as though they have nothing to do with it. It must be time for another blogger ethics panel.

  7. Okay, folks.
    Rupert Murdoch is a terrorist. His weapon is unrelenting propaganda vilifying the USA. His intent is to destroy our government.
    The Koch Brothers are cut of the same cloth; but unlike foreign-born Murdoch, they’re from the US. In my way of thinking that makes them worse, as does their reluctance to associate their names with their behaviors publicly.
    Time to call ’em out. They’re doing their dead level best to destroy America.
    They need stopping. Now.

  8. Breaking news: Sarah Palin and Fox news channel are finished. Good riddance.

  9. Days like this, I have to think of this line fromThe Thomas Crown Affair (remake):
    Catherine Banning: Diversion, make a lot of noise over there so over here in this room you can take a hundred million off the wall and waltz right out the front door. Oh that’s good.

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