Wednesday Night Music: Burn It Down

I’ve been listening to Los Lobos for a long time. Their albums are a bit of a mish mash; especially during their tiresome Mitchell Froom/Tchad Blake “experimental” phase. These guys from East LA, however, have *always* been a stellar live act. This is a tune from their latest CDTin Can Trust, which doesn’t have too much of the clanking percussion that marred efforts such asColossal Head.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Music: Burn It Down

  1. Yay 🙂 Tin Can Trust was engineered at the studio (Macy Sound in Denver) I just recorded at a few months ago. Both Nick and John are part of the Grammy nomination..

  2. In 1983, not long after moving to Los Angeles, I went to see Maria McKee and Lone Justice at a place called the Music Machine on Pico in (I think) Santa Monica. It also happened to be the ‘release party’ for the first ‘major label’ release (though at that point, I’m not sure you could call Slash a major label) from a band that I hadn’t heard of.
    Los Lobos. “…and a Time To Dance”.
    That was a fun night.

  3. Music Machine on Pico! I remember that place so well. I also saw Los Lobos and Lone Justice many times (back in ye olde days when they were nearly bar bands and it was cheap to go out).
    Thanks for the memories, Adrastos.

  4. Lone Justice are one of the most underrated bands I can think of. Maria is such a fine singer; I like her solo work as well.

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