Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Joe


Andthus ends the Lieberman era, not with a bang, but an extended, two year, droopy whimper.

I’m embarrassed to admit that, all those years ago, after voting for the first time in Wisconsin at the fire station on Willy St., then gloomily reading the next day’s newspaper (ooooh — pre-internet even)…I took small solace in seeing something about the Dems picking up a seat in Connecticut. I didn’t realize at the time it was Joe knocking offLowell Weicker … well, live and learn.

Anyway, good riddance…some credit for working to repeal DADT, though that’s heavily offset by Joe’s ADAMENT refusal to look into the reasons behind Team Bush’s epic Katrina/Flood fuckup and otherwise being an utterly annoying prick to liberals.

7 thoughts on “Don’t Let the Door Hit You, Joe

  1. Also, he’d invade your country if your Good Humor man sold Bomb Pops. Get Your War On isn’t just a cartoon, it’s Joe Lieberman’s reason for being. Somebody has a lot of unresolved issues about the wedgies he received in grade school.

  2. He’s got this impenetrable sense of his own awesomeness and no matter what anybody says to him, he will remain convinced that he alone is standing against the forces of darkness, namely, people who say Democratic things loudly and rudely and with parade floats.
    Who picks him up first, Fox News or AEI?

  3. Not only that, A, but apparently he’s really charming in person. My bad ex used to interview him regularly and would frequently tell me “He’s the only honest man in politics!” Not that my bad ex agreed with his positions necessarily, and I think that what he actually meant by that was that Lieberman had some kind of grotesque version of integrity (namely that his perverse worldview trumped everything, including politics), but still…
    I did finally manage to convince him that Lieberman is scum, but it took me several years.

  4. Some of the funniest political writing ever resulted from Matt Taibbi’s coverage of Holy Joe working the rooms during the 2004 New Hampshire primary season. Taibbi showed Lieberman to be the consummate political hack.
    He’s also the consummate chickenhawk, the consummate backstabber, the consummate prig, the consummate politician-on-the-take.
    If one were to compile a list of Dems who’ve been most damaging to their constituents and their party, Lieberman would be very, very high up in the pack.

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