Friday Ferretblogging: Claire vs. The Evil Paper Tube

Most of the ferrets we’ve had haven’t nibbled much of anything, though Riot does like to sharpen his teeth on a pair of my shoes once in a while. Claire, however, is a chewer, and her snack of choice is cardboard, so we have to watch her carefully when she plays with boxes to make sure she’s not, you know, actually ingesting anything. Much as the Best Vet Ever is quite awesome, I’d really like to avoid vising her for a while.

In this installment of Ferret TV, Claire gets mightily angry at a paper tube for resisting her efforts to hack it to pieces with her itty bitty teeth:


6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Claire vs. The Evil Paper Tube

  1. her fur looks much plushier with deeper colors on the bottom half – is that her winter coat, is she just better fed than before, or am I just hallucinating?

  2. Virgo, all of the above. She’s super-fluffy and pudgy. All she does is eat and get cuddled, and then once or twice a day she’ll pounce on something, and then go back to eating and looking for a lap to nap in.
    Her winter fur is really soft — I still think she’s younger than the 1.5 years they said she was at the shelter, because her coat feels like a baby ferret’s.
    We actually had a breakthrough the other day in ferret relations — I went into the back room because I heard squeaking and assumed Bucky was beating her up again, and SHE was on top of HIM biting his neck and smacking him around. I was so proud. He still tries to kick her ass, but at least now he’s got a healthy respect.

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