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  1. A parishioner game my wife (the pastor) a $100 bill in a Welcome to Town card. It definitely made her a Big Damn Hero to this family.

  2. I’m taking care of my neighbors’ dog and yesterday they left me a really lovely bottle of cabernet sauvignon as a thank you.
    And then while I was walking back to my house I found two crumpled 5 dollar bills on the sidewalk, and no likely owner anywhere around. So that was TWO nice things that happene, one from my neighbors and one from the Universe.

  3. Last week, when my car was in the shop and I was having to rely on our not-so-reliable public transportation system, a nice lady with a small baby getting on the bus lent me her older daughter’s day pass to use to get on the bus so that that particular ride didn’t cost me a thing. Wish I could hunt her down and get her whole family monthly passes now that my car’s back in business…
    …and speaking of the car repair, my mechanic managed to repair the thing without having to take the engine apart like he initially thought he would. When he showed me the part that needed the repair, my jaw dropped. I still don’t know how he got to that thing without taking half the engine apart – and maybe there was a chicken sacrifice involved or something – but he did the repair and it saved me a LOT of money. Let’s hear it for mechanics that aren’t out to take you for everything you’ve got.

  4. hmm, i guess it WAS nice that barefoot me + ryan(from madison) also barefoot were not tossed out of the pfister hotel. even got to use their bathrooms.

  5. The Class of 1961 came back to town last week for their 50th reunion, and a bunch came down to our 161 year-old museum for my short program on the building’s restoration and transformation into a community museum. I was a freshman the year they were seniors, and there was still a little intimidation factor. But afterwards, several congratulated me and our local historical group on what we’ve managed to preserve of our community’s history in the face of development. It was nice to get an attaboy from the big kids, although admittedly if our relative ages at this point in life is a distinction without much of a difference.

  6. I wish I could have given First Draft some financial love this time, but it’s been a tough year here in the Terrenoire house.
    But that’s not the ray of sunshine you wanted, so how about this? Last weekend 12 bands played a benefit concert for a local musician who had been diagnosed with cancer. We raised just under $6K in a day and the love and support of the community was enough to light up half of North Carolina.
    Musicians and crime writers are the best.
    OK, how was that?

  7. A good friend moved back to town. Even though she is crazy busy, I have more chances to see her than I have in the past few years.

  8. Life has been pretty challenging for our family lately and this past week was especially hard. However, I taught my first Urban Sketchers class of the semestre this week and the students were great. The next day, one of the women who books the classes came up to tell me that she heard one of my students telling her mother that I am the best teacher ever.

  9. My RL name was listed as a participant in an art craft project (The Avenue of Trees in Cheougju, Korea for an art craft biennial). I only made one crocheted square to wrap around a tree. The commissioned artist listed all the people who crocheted or knitted a 20″ square for her.

  10. I had a nice dinner in the ‘burbs with an old college friend, his wonderful wife, and their two young sons. We had homemade gyoza and sushi. We looked at old photos and told old stories and had new good times. He brought me back special hard candy from Japan as a gift. I ate too many cupcakes for dessert but sometimes that happens.

  11. My wife and I opened a zine shop (here in Lincoln, Nebraska) two weeks ago. It will be an intensive part-time job for me, to go along with my current PT work at a grocery co-op. (Wife is holding steady at her job, but also just began working toward an online degree in Dietetics.)
    Three days ago I covered the State Department’s Keystone XL public hearing for a program on the local community-owned radio station. (A friend added me to the rotation of volunteer producers who develop the weekly broadcasts. I haven’t been on the air since 1996. It’s nice to be back.)
    October will bring: silent films with live musical accompaniment (by Alloy Orchestra, Orenda Fink & others), and a week-long concert series featuring some favorite bands. Also Gillian Welch. Family visit back home to Mississippi in November.
    Come to think of it, Ilove autumn. Yeah.

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