Sunday Morning Video: Here Comes The Circus- MST3K

Time to introduce a new, for First Draft, weekly feature. I’ve been doing this at my blog-city blog for years but have essentially moved over here lock, stock and kitties. I’m not sure if Jude and Riot the cranky ferret approve but if they don’t tough you know what. I have the awesomeness of Della Street on my side.

I usually post comedy bits or other odds and sods so let’s start off with some MST3K:

5 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: Here Comes The Circus- MST3K

  1. mgmonklewis says:

    One of my favorite MST3K shorts. Truly, it embodies the sadness that is the circus.

  2. filkertom says:

    Absolutely, one of the best shorts. “YOU’RE RUINING IT FOR ME!”

  3. pansypoo says:

    no, i not my fav. i preferred the 50’s conform and be a good baby boomer shorts.

  4. Mass says:

    WHO DAT!!!!!!!!

  5. Tommy T says:

    “Oh NO!!! They’re doing it CLOWN STYLE!!!!”

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