House of Crazy

People tend to think of California as the bluest and most liberal state in the union. They tend to forget that the John Birch Society was born in Orange County and that the only two Presidents from the Golden State were Tricky Dick and the Gipper.

President Obama got a reminder that the there are California wingnuts last night at a fundraiser at the House of Blues in LA.He also learned something new, he’s the anti-Christ. I did not know that:

8 thoughts on “House of Crazy

  1. I’ve heard the antichrist charge many times from the right. Yet I remember a time when some noticed that Ronald Wilson Reagan each name was 6 letters = 666. Somehow the right dismissed that. But when the charge is made against a dem, they seem to eat it up.

  2. Actually, I thought the John Birch Society started in Belmont, Massachusetts — another very blue state.

  3. In response to Mitch’s comment, I looked up the society on wikipedia.
    Found it quite interesting: “One of the founding members[21][22][23] was Fred Koch,[24] founder of Koch Industries,…”
    BTW – they said the founder was from Belmont but the original group was in Indianapolis but now headquartered in Wisconson.
    Goals reportedly include dismantling the Fed. Declaring that the govt only has the power to mint coins and not to have a currency not based on gold or silver. etc. Reading the article, so much sounds like what I’ve heard from the political arena recently.

  4. But I thought Clinton was the anti-christ. Except maybe that was both of them?
    How many anti-christs are there?

  5. OkieBlue, to answer your question, I need to know how many democrats / liberals there are.

  6. I knew the John Birch Society was in Belmont, Massachusetts because that’s where their literature came from back in the early Sixties, when I was half-heartedly trying to infiltrate them (long story…). Now, I know, they’re in Appleton, which is a sacred city to Bircher-types because of its association with Joe McCarthy. (It probably doesn’t hurt that it has a history as a sundown town.)
    But if I didn’t know all this, I might have guessed that the JBS came from Orange County. Dallas would have been another good choice.

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