The Cheesiest Billboard Ever

Given all the Sconnies here at First Draft, I probably shouldn’t be the one to post this item but here it is:


This tower of cheesiness was erected near Lambeau Field in Green Bay by the physicians/national scold group, the PCRM. They’re essentially trying to scare America out of eating certain foods and now they’regoing after cheese. And in Wisconsin of all places. Hmmm, I wonder if they have any plans to expand to France? Probably not, French cheesemakers would probably force them to eat stinky fromage until they recanted.

The folks who make the cheesehead hats are also not amused at having their product worn by the Grim Reaper and are threatening legal action. That’s unlikely to happen but it’s great PR and casts Fomation Inc. as a champion of all things cheesy and Wisconsiny.

This whole episode, of course, reminds me of the cheese shop sketch:

Okay, I’m off to score some rogue cheddar…

13 thoughts on “The Cheesiest Billboard Ever

  1. HAHAHAHAHA. This in the state where people could be busted for making oleo. And that wedge of cheese looks GREAT on Death’s head. Ingmar Bergman should’ve taken some fashion cues from that.

  2. Maybe if their cause was against processed ‘cheese product’…I could understand. But actual cheese??? C’mon. Some folks thrive on bossing others around.
    And just to piss them off, I believe I’m off to have a bit of aged dairy product.
    (great MP vid Adrastos)

  3. A ‘Doctors Who Whine About Cheese Should Be Paid Like Nutritionists’ billboard would go nicely on the other side of the road.

  4. What a load. As my mom used to say: “Everything in moderation.” ANYTHING in excess will kill you. Remember the lady who killed herself by drinking too much water?
    (Oh yeah, as well: What about that French Paradox? those cheese-eating, wine-bibbing decadents have a lower heart disease rate than us oh-so-health-conscious Americans. Now how could that be?)

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