3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Recipes

  1. Totally off-topic, but VITALLY important…
    I sent the following to your email, and others we regard in high esteem, but this demands a faster response.
    I am writing to you en masse, completely uncharacteristically, to draw your attention to two long-term asset strategy memos put out by CitiGroup in 2006. It is clear that they remain operating strategy.
    Please, have a look at Citi’s Plutonomy Memos. They literally DRIP contempt for us down here. Their #1 stated fear is that we finally catch on, and demand our fair share back. They go on to state that they have the power and influence to enact any type of Civil crisis to STOP that.
    No kidding.
    Please download these memos ASAP, and repost wherever possible. They will not last long where they are, and I am running out of venues. Citi’s lawyers find them and have them torn down. Especially now that I am posting them everywhere I have access, and a friendly audience.
    My health is very bad, but I feel that wide dissemination of these memos is absolutely vital to the cause of the 99%, and Occupy Wall Street. With wide enough distribution, there will be no way for the Banksters to push their fictions on the various Media Platforms. They really ARE out to get us, as a matter of strategy.
    I am desperately asking for your action, dissemination, and widespread broadcasting of these memos as far as you can send them. They MUST be downloaded and reposted, as Citi’s lawyers keep tearing them down as soon as they are posted. Please help get these memos out to Joe and Jane Six-pack… PLEASE.
    I won’t ask for another favor ever. This one is very, very important, RIGHT NOW. Read, and you will understand why these are important.
    Yours always,

  2. banksters suck.
    gak, i hate pumpkin. busy freezing peppers. awesome deal. 2 bags of at least 15 peppers for $4. apples for crisp + homemade caramel.

  3. You know what? Screw protesting. Bring the head ofVikram Pandit, and let’s put them on pikes at Broadway.
    Only slightly less seriously, William K. Black, who played a key role in unraveling the S&L mess and exposing the Keating Five, has some advice, which can be summarized as “Lock ’em all up and let God sort ’em out,” referring to the banksters.

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