2 thoughts on “Friday Night Music: If I Needed Someone

  1. You probably know that Livingston Taylor recorded “If I Needed Someone”. But…
    I was at Summerfest one year; late ’70s, with the old main stage at the north end of the grounds (the Wisconsin people will know what that means), back when the headline acts at main stage would sometimes do two shows, 3 PM and 8 PM, eg. James Taylor was the headliner that day/night, doing two shows.
    So I got down there early, bought some lunch (Suburpia šŸ™‚ by 1 PM and was sitting eating just outside a side gate next to main stage with about 75 or so other early arrivals when James and band came out to do a sound check. After a few minutes, they ran though a full song or two (don’t remember what particularly). When they finished, we cheered and clapped. And James, seemingly surprised that we were there, called over to some security people to let us in.
    So maybe 75 of us went in and sat down as James played “If I Needed Someone” for us. It was not part of the regular set later on.

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