Silvio Strikes Again

My main man, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, has been trying a noble experiment: keeping his foot out of his mouth. The experiment has ended.Silvio is back and tackier than ever:

Italian opposition politicians have been joined by a leading Catholic publication and even government MPs in expressing outrage after Italian prime ministerSilvio Berlusconi joked he was thinking of renaming his political party Forza Gnocca, which translates as Go Pussy.

The criticism came as Berlusconi, whose political career is widely considered to be on the wane, was accused of parking an old friend in a safe job after a former pet food executive was nominated as the new head of the Venice Biennale, Italy‘s foremost art and architecture exhibition.

Responding to the slide in the polls of his Freedom People party caused by the financial crisis and his sex scandals, Berlusconi reportedly told MPs he had commissioned surveys to find a new name for the party, which started life in 1993 as Forza Italia, or Go Italy.

“Some of polls say the best choice would be Forza Gnocca,” he joked, according to the Italian daily La Stampa.

Pier Luigi Bersani, the head of the opposition Democratic party, called the quip despairing, while party colleague Rosy Bindi said: “Now the farce is turning into tragedy.”

Democratic senator Anna Finocchiaro said: “These are not jokes but a reflection of the view that Berlusconi and his coalition have of the country – backward, vulgar and squalid.”

I wonder if Silvio and Scott Brown have been hanging out together? The PM throws a helluva bunga bunga party, Senator…

5 thoughts on “Silvio Strikes Again

  1. Don’t know the rules of evidence / what can be introduced to the courtroom in Italian law. But somehow it seems rather stupid to make snide sexual remarks to the press when one is on trial for having an underage prostitute. Not to mention that it clearly CAN and HAS been introduced into the court of public opinion.
    I get that Europe is a little more discrete about political affairs of its politicians. But Europe’s press is changing to be more likely to print such stories, the society is changing, the Underage part crossed over the line, etc. To top it off, Berlusconi has been anything but discrete. Being discrete has long been part of the old style contract.

  2. he’s a perv. his mask is off. my italian epal has been wanting him gone for ages, we rejoiced when he was out of power a few years.

  3. he’s a perv. his mask is off. my italian epal has been wanting him gone for ages, we rejoiced when he was out of power a few years. and he isn’t a vampire, so his time will end.

  4. “Gnocca” is slang for “pussy”??
    Makes sense, I guess, based on the shape…just odd that I never heard this slang before.
    And it does explain how I really, really like gnocci.

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