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Former Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey is now with Carolina and faced his former teammates last Sunday. He trash talked them during the game and didn’t shake anyone’s hand afterwards, which is poor form since Saints players and coaches have said nothing but nice things about him.

Shockey’s tackiness inspired the normally mild-mannered voice of the Saints, Jim Henderson, to lambaste him:

I never liked Jeremy Shockey, I didn’t like him as a Giant. I didn’t like him as a Saint. I didn’t think he fit in with this team in the locker room. And the Saints to their credit said all the right things about him. You know, ‘He was a great teammate. He was a mentor toJimmy Graham.’ I think that’s bull. I think deep down inside, I think they thought he was a jerk, too.”

2 thoughts on “Quote of the day

  1. Speaking as a long-suffering Panther fan, I’m happy that after a year of Jimmy Clausen at QB, Cam Newton is out there and has Shockey among his targets. I also wish Shockey would just live incommunicado inside the stadium for the duration of his tenure with the team.

  2. I really thought his smack talk during the game was good-natured. I guess I did’t want him to be a dick. Oh well.

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