Reading Comprehension: You Haz It

Bologna cat

This was predictable.

In response to ourvideo of Jan Schakowsky claiming the parade of lunatics she lead last night was “patriotic,”despite not having one American flag present, authorChuck Sudo suggests, that burning the stars and stripes would be just as patriotic as not having one at the march.

Emphasis mine, because: predictably wrong.

Of course.


2 thoughts on “Reading Comprehension: You Haz It

  1. One of the commenters on the link anrkily pointed out they also didn’t have red, white and blue clothing from Walmart. Commenter missed the slam dunk by adding that the patriotic American stuff from Walmart is often made out of country.

  2. And, of course — though I know I don’t need to tell any of you this — it’s not flag-waving that makes someone patriotic. Not anymore than saying the pledge of alliegence makes you loyal.
    Even if there had not been a single flag anywhere, that would not have made what the protesters are doing any less patriotic. The flag is a symbol; the act is the essence.
    One side in this battle is fighting to build the country of our dreams — where everyone is equal, and everyone has an equal chance at a good life. The other side wants only certain people to have wealth, or any sort of opportunity, while everyone else lives in abject servitude and terror. Putting a flag on it doesn’t make that second country America.

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