Thursday Night Music: She Will Have Her Way

For 8 years, Neil Finn was one of the best pop-rock songwriters ever. He’s kind of settled into a middle aged mid-tempo rut but at his best, he can still bring it, as he did with this tune:

One thought on “Thursday Night Music: She Will Have Her Way

  1. Duckman GR says:

    Split Enz was a hell of a band, and they put on a great show. Saw them at the State Theater (an old fashioned movie house with the heavy red velvet curtains and columns and stuff) in San Diego, and the brothers truly had the gift of music and story telling and they rocked out pretty good too.
    That’s where we saw the Saturday matinees, us 4 kids, dreaming about getting a box of Raisinettes, but never realizing that dream.

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