Summing Up Chicago


Whatever is happening on the 5th floor of City Hall and whatever gloss a drive-by steno like Friedman wants to put on it, the fact is that below decks thing are a mess.

Rahm’s budget is shot because Daley hocked everything he could lay his hands to prop himself up for his final three years in office. This he did with the full support of the Chicago Machine wnd with the City Council acting as his willing accomplice.

Rahm’s line workers are shot because for the last several years those who weren’t clout-protected were driven like rented mules to make good on one special Mayoral imitative after another, while random layoffs dropped like bombs all around them.

THIS. Go read the whole thing, and drop your spare change in the fundraiser bucket while you’re over there, so we can keep reading more sense amid all the Friedmanisms.


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