Friday Guest Catblogging: Vinny

This week’s guest is my friends Wendy and Dan’s new kitten. I think he’s got crazy eyes, which is appropriate for a tuxedo cat. They’re all crazy. Plus young Vinny has a crazy long name: Vinny Buster Keaton Po’ Boy Montie. I’m not so sure about the Buster part, Keaton was nototiously deadpan whereas Vinny looks like this:


4 thoughts on “Friday Guest Catblogging: Vinny

  1. “Vinny” comes from the airport he was rescued at “Van Nuys” which is VNY in airport coding. The “Buster Keaton” part comes from the fact this lil’ fuzzehbutt is fearless and funny – just like BK. πŸ™‚ Po’Boy comes from his inauspicious beginnings as a feral kitten who got stuck in a pilot’s 7-series Bemer at the airport – and apparently (based on a conversation w/the night crew) spent at least 4-1/2 days stuck btwn the engine baffle and the hood. Despite my boyfriend’s e-mail contact w/the pilot, the owner wouldn’t let anyone jack w/his car to free the kitten. My boyfriend and I waited for his return the afternoon he was expected (not stalking, my boyfriend knew him professionally and when he was coming back).
    He was approx 5-6 weeks old at that point, grimy, malnourished, and somewhat dehydrated, but ready for some comfort and care.
    Vinny’s now spoiled rotten, about 8 weeks old and raising unholy heck at the house by terrorizing the elder cats (ranging from 8-13 years old) but learning his place.
    He’s an unapologetic cuddlebug when he deigns to downshift from MACH 5. He’s about doubled his length and his legs are elongating (nutrition, it’s a good thing).
    For more pics, check out the link via my name. πŸ™‚

  2. Oh heavens – he is officially ‘askeered’ of the vacuum. He found the hidingest of hidey holes. It took me a half hour to find him, after I had spazzed out thinking he had had a heart attack. Finally found him in the absolute depths of Dan’s closet. I fenagled him out w/one of his crinkly toys. He’s sleeping beside me now…

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