Scott Walker Gives UW System A Hand

(Not for the weak of heart or stomach. Not like the budget is any more savory.)

Apparently, Governor Deadeyes woke up earlier this month and said to the state’s university system, “Oh, you survived those three gunshots to the chest? Crawl over here and let me see your head.”

According to a memo released Wednesday, the state is expecting that all of those jobs we were supposed to get in Wisconsin, now that Walker opened us for business, will likely not yield enough tax money to balance the budget.Thus, the general raping that occurred in the budget battle this state saw will now be followed by required give-backs of between $174 and $300 million.

The news got worse for higher education, as approximately 38 percent of that amount will be laid at the feet of the UW System. This, despite the fact that the system accounts for about 7 percent of the state’s budget.

Several areas that are crucial are protected, including programs for the poor and aid to local schools. No arguments there. At least he’s not trying to fully eviscerate the poor.

But those folks hoping to become highly educated? Fuck ‘em.

There’s a perverse set of values our esteemed College Dropout in Chief is demonstrating here.

First, if you want people to put jobs somewhere, you need to have workers fully capable of completing the tasks you assign them. The governor isn’t cutting tech school funding, which seems to indicate that he’s thinking those jobs will be attached to manufacturing work or other elements of hands-on labor taught at these schools. Instead, every financial indicator had shown that the jobs of my father, my grandfather and my great-grandfather will not be the jobs of my children.

Like it or not, the bachelor’s degree has become the union card of this generation. You need it just to get in the door. After that, what you can do and what you have studied will come into play.

Forcing the university system to take another bullet for the state is simply shooting economic growth in the foot.

Second, if you are the governor and you are not educated, not good at your job and the source of scorn and ridicule by people who know better, you have a couple choices as to how to fix that. Option A is you can get an education, you can improve your work habits and you can show some serious efforts toward bridging the gap between you and those who don’t like you.

Of course, Option A is hard. Thus, there’s Option B.

You can do your best to cut down on the amount of people who are smarter than you.

So, while purporting to be pro-job creation, he’s undercutting the opportunities of people to become educated throughout the employment spectrum while simultaneously demonstrating his distain for smart people.

You know, like people who might own companies and maybe create jobs…

The government of the state that served as a northern hub of abolition in the 1800s, gave us Fighting Bob La Follette in the 1900s and re-crafted social policy in the at the turn of the century, has officially become a Dilbert cartoon.

5 thoughts on “Scott Walker Gives UW System A Hand

  1. My brother & sister-in-law both work in the state educational system in Madison.
    They estimate that their yearly combined income has dropped by $15-20,000 due to Walker’s depredations.
    And as they’ll be the first to tell you, they’re the lucky ones, because their kids are grown and out on their own.

  2. What’s sad is that the people who support the budget cutting nonsense will never let facts get in the way of their headlong race to the bottom.

  3. Jay, yeah, amazing, isn’t it? Here in Loosiana it’s practically a religion.
    By the way, re: your mention below about the victim identity article, thanks for posting the link. I’m reading it right now.

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