Leave me out of it, Mitt

Mitt Romney was running an almost error free campaign until recently. His status as the unloved frontrunner seems to have made the usually unflappable Romney irritable. Usually the Mittster can pander and flip flop with the best of them but he’s run into trouble over his handling of theOhio anti-union issue. He was for it before he was neutral and now he’s for it again. Gov. Kasich is annoyed with him and the teabaggers are pissed. You know it’s bad when the previously hapless Gov Package Check scores some points.

My favorite recent Mitt Haircut moment, however, came with the his“for Pete’s sake” line, which the Dems are using against him and I bitterly resent:

For Pete’s sake? Why do right wingers insist on talking like elderly women in 1930’s movies, gosh darnit?

Back to the post title. My given name is Peter and I’ve always preferred being called that. My favorite Uncle is called Pete so as far as I’m concerned that name is reserved for him. I don’t really mind being called Pete but I do mind Mitt Haircut’s taking my name in vain.

Leave me the heck out of it, Mitt. Hitch up your Mormon underwear and get back to pandering as only you can do it

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