Editor of The Progressive, 17 others arrested for using cameras or holding signs

Arrests of spectators using cameras or silently holding signs in the gallery of the WI Assembly has been ongoing in past weeks. Yesterday 18 were arrested including the editor of The Progressive magazine as part of a “Concealed Camera Day” protest.From The Progressive:

Then law enforcement began to haul people out for silently holding signs or taking pictures with their cameras. The Progressive’s own Matt Rothschild was arrested for taking a picture of these arrests being made.

A total of eighteen people were arrested and ticketed for offenses that will likely be thrown out in court.

People feel so strongly about protecting and defending their ability to record and document the goings-on in the Assembly because corporate media is doing such a poor job of it. If you’re not at the Capitol on a regular basis, you would find it difficult to believe the impunity with which the rightwing is shoving their racist, sexist, corporatist agenda down the throats of the people of this state.

At 11:00 pm., an amendment to a non-controversial, bipartisan bill that was unanimously voted out of committee was moved that would eliminate affirmative action for African American, Hispanic, American Indian and Hmong students in higher education grants. That sparked more than two hours of outraged filibustering by Democrats, followed by a break for caucus. By 4:00 a.m., Republicans were trying to flush the Dems out of caucus by asking for a quorum call.

Below is videoby BlueCheddarwho notes on the video page that:

Those arrested were issued citations of “other conduct prohibited” and released.These citations will later get thrown out in court as they violate Wisconsin State Statute 19.90…

BlueCheddar has more info and pics

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  1. If these Repubs are freedom -loving, small-goverment types, how come their style of governance seems to come straight out of 1970s Soviet Russia?

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