Party on, Rick?

I assume most of you have seen parts ofRick Perry’s legendary Cornerstone speech by now.To say Gov Package Check was loose during that New Hampshire appearance is an understatement. There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether Perry was drunk or had been mixing painkillers and booze. I thought he acted like he wasone toke over the line myself. The irony is that I kinda like *that* Rick Perry: he was still a winger but he was likable in a goofy stoner kinda way. I particularly liked the bit where he hugged the maple syrup at the end of the speech. To see him to do soclick here and go to the end of the speech.

Here are some highlights of Perry’s foray into Sheckydom:

What do y’all think? Was Perry tipsy, giddy or merely pixilated? Also, will this hurt his campaign? I’m not sure about that because it’s already on life support but stranger comebacks have happened.

The Gov abides…

6 thoughts on “Party on, Rick?

  1. I don’t think he was drunk, on, or off his meds. He was just doing what comes natural to people like himself (and to that other governor of Texas — Dubya): being a moron and a doofus.
    I realize the corporate media is doing their damndest to erase Shrub until the time he can be properly rehabilitated, but if you search for videos or speech transcripts, you come across much of the same — inappropriate winks, awkward gesticulating, frat boy smirks, etc. I’ll assume they think they’re being charming or at least folksy, but yeah, it comes across as weird if not offensive.
    And this is them sober…imagine if they WE’RE drunk or on meds.

  2. I vote “doofus.” Desperately trying to be cool and loose and hip but in the end, just an embarrassingly epic display of doofusosity.

  3. absolutely, unequivocally, definitely under the influence.
    my guess is painkillers & vodka, maybe with a little Red Bull (or Provigil) chaser.

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