9 thoughts on “Condi Shows Up to Shoot the Wounded

  1. This is how types like her get ahead: they never admit that they were ever wrong, and then they rewrite history to make sure that looks like the case.
    Who said honesty was the best policy?

  2. If those that could have said something to improve the situation back when it would have helped – they wouldn’t be able to flog their books to us today…

  3. She was one of the top five cheerleaders for Bush and the Iraq war. If she had any reservations back then she did one hell of a job hiding them
    I don’t think this tiger can change her stripes now.

  4. Sorry. You helped create the quagmire in Iraq and Afghanistan – including the economic mess we’re in and the destabilization of the arena of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India (nukes and all). Unlike many others in the Bush Admin, you didn’t get thrown under the bus by being caught ihn the middle of the misinformation. You’re gonna have to do something rather significant for me to believe that you are sincerely trying to make things right.

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