8 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah, Mississippi

  1. On the one hand, Mississippi hangs on to statehood by its fingernails with this vote…but there are gonna be folks gearing up to try getting tweaked versions of 26th passed in other states, similar to how the LSEA finally stuck.
    It’s a good battle to win. Got to keep fighting the war, though.

  2. Unfortunately, my former home state appears to have passed a voterID suppression amendment, which will almost certainly lower the bar the next time Republicans try to pass this crap.

  3. “If it can’t pass in Mississippi where can it pass?”
    The answer would be Oklahoma.

  4. Yeah, I know they passed the ID law and it remains a retrograde state BUT they did something right so it deserved a cheer. And, of course, the bible thumpers will be back with a new variation on their awful amendment.

  5. YES, YES, YES, MISSISSIPPI! Surprised the hell out of me and made me a little proud! So happy as a woman and mother of girls. YES!

  6. “Personhood”? Perhaps they should try relabeling their amendment with something sounding sexist and then try again? (I’m sorry. I’m in a funk.)

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