Feed theChildren Congresscritter


“Gimme More.”

Because for just a few dollars a day — up to $2500 for individuals, $5000 for couples…and no limits for corporations and superpacs — you can help Joe Walsh retain his seat…and with $150K in salary and per diems, maybe he’ll be able toafford a muffin, a cinnabon, or just a plate of freedom fries with ketchup…especially since he stiffs his ex and kids on support payments.

Call now.

For Joe’s sake.

5 thoughts on “Feed theChildren Congresscritter

  1. On a quick glance, the fucker in the pic looks like Nick Saban.
    That ain’t a compliment.
    Go Tigers!

  2. Yeah, he does look a little like Nick Satan, as they call him around here. And truth be told, around here Joe Walsh would probably be rather popular. Our own congresscritter is a tea party type named Bill Cassidy, who’s also a zero, but not a deadbeat dad as far as I know.

  3. So if he doesn’t know when to hold his tongue and can’t recognize when he is impaired, and can’t recognize when he is going over the line – wouldn’t this mean that he doesn’t have a lot of qualities that a legislator should have?

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