The oops heard round the world

I haven’t decided ifRick Perry is the worst Presidential candidate since his fellow Texan Phil Gramm or if he’s just the worst debater ever. I have decided, however, that he’s dumber than former President Beavis: the latter could at least remember his own talking points.

The pre-election GOP farce has been very entertaining but it’s time for them to do what they always do: nominate the guy who came in second the last time. They may not love Mitt Haircut but he’s going to be their standard bearer. I will, of course, miss Cain and Perry and the other no-hopers but their time in the spotlight is waning.

So, Rick this tune is dedicated to you:

8 thoughts on “The oops heard round the world

  1. I’ve been saying that Rick Perry would be the GOP nominee. I’ve had my reasons, and I’ve stuck with them. If he could have made it to the Southern primaries, with right-wing voters hesitant to vote for Romney (religion), Cain (race), or Gingrich (arrogance & general unlikability), Perry could have made this a contest.
    After last night, this guy doesn’t have a chance. He may not even carry one Southern state. The good ole boys will excuse a lot from a fellow back-slapper, but not if supporting him gets them made fun of by the other good ole boys.
    Maybe he should have taken all that advice about just not showing up for debates. Hell, with this performance, you really have to wonder how he is a 3 term governor who won the GOP primary against Kay Bailey Hutchison going away.

  2. “…for them to do what they always do: nominate the guy who came in second the last time.”
    Does that mean in 2016, it will be either Cain or Perry who *does* get nominated? 🙂

  3. @robert: Probably won’t happen then. I think Newt is the one who’ll finish second now. I’d love to ee any of them nominated.
    @cousin pat: I was curious about your reaction, glad to see Gov Package Check has “lost” you. Lost as in prediction: like Lawrence O’Donnell and Tpaw.

  4. I stand by my methodology, and I still think it should have worked. There’s no accounting for a completely empty suit, though. Perry is toast. His fundraising (the only thing keeping him in this) dries up over the next two weeks, and he’ll be out of the running by Super Tuesday. Unreal.
    Though this really does make the Southern GOP primaries something to watch this election year. They should all be in play, as the voters struggle with who’s left. Though I’d expect Gingrich to make a bit of noise now as a fall back.

  5. I never thought Perry would be the nominee BUT I didn’t expect him to be such a horrible candidate after winning multiple statewide elections in Texas.

  6. i think the GOP party has to lose creditation. if these are put out to be their ‘best’ candidates, they obviously don’t give a shit about knowing how to make a sammich much less america.

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