It Begins

Recall, you fools!

Indeed it does. Yesterday was the kickoff of the drive to recall Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch here in Wisconsin–I believe this fact was noted at this very site yesterday.

But, of course, it was also the beginning of stupid Republican nonsense against the recall. Includingvandalizing a business (auto-play video at that link) here in liberal-ass Madison. Keep it classy, Walker supporters.

Oh, and the first person who compares dumping a glass of beer on someone’s head to hurling a large and heavy projectile into a place of business gets a free punch in the dick, courtesy of me. While it’s rude, unless you’re dealing with the Wicked Witch of the West, throwing a glass of slightly alcoholic water on someone’s head won’t kill them. If someone would’ve gotten brained with that rock, it could’ve been fatal. I mean, imagine there’s a little kid in the path of that. Christ, people.

3 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. And, just speculating, but if someone, somewhere, so much as defaces a pro-Walker billboard or flyer, the wailing, teeth gnashing, and cries of victimhood will be ear splitting.
    Sometimes I think you’ve got to fight fire with fire — though not literally throwing rocks — but part of me also thinks one, don’t stoop to their level, and two, some miserable excuses for humanity are such zeroes they’re really, honestly hoping for, if not outright chaos, at least some real hippie punching, not just the rhetorical kind.
    On that note, lately I’ve been thinking about how, after the shootings at Kent State, there was a demonstration in support of the National Guard. The marchers chanted something like “this time four, the next time more,” which really shows just how sick some people can be…especially considering that two of the victims weren’t demonstrators, but students walking to class.

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