Coco Robicheaux, RIP

Coco Robicheaux was a genuine NOLA character as well as a talented and deeply eccentric musician. The rest of the country got to know him via his appearances onTreme; especially when he did the chicken sacrifice thing. Coco collapsed at his favorite watering hole the other day and died at the age of 64.

I ran into Coco from time to time over the years but didn’t know him very well. My friend Sam Jasper, however, did her share of drinking and hanging out with Coco so here’s alink to her beautifully written tribute.

Here’s a sample of that hoodoo that Coco did so well:

One thought on “Coco Robicheaux, RIP

  1. Wow. Thanks, Peter. I’ve been listening to him for two days now. It’s nice to hear his voice. I’m a real fan of shuffle on my iPod, so he comes up here and there sometimes between TRex and a prison work song. I’ve been listening to his albums straight through and it’s been a joy.

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