We’ll miss you, Barney

One of my favorite members of Congress, Barney Frank, will be retiring after 16 terms. Barney is known for his quick wit and barbed tongue. He was also the first openly gay member of Congress, which made him a frequent target of the biblethumpers and wingnut wackadoodles.

Here’s my favorite Barney Frank moment wherein he smacks down a “deather” during a town hall meeting in his district:

UPDATE: Here’s a link to TPM’s coverage of Frank’s presser.

2 thoughts on “We’ll miss you, Barney

  1. Yeah, of all the Democrats in Congress I’m fed up with at the moment, I still have a soft spot for Barney sometimes. I guess that’s to be expected — I’m furious at him sometimes, but he’s smart and funny and incisive as hell, and fairly humble to boot. He’s … frank. 🙂

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