Deep Hoaxidate Thought

It’s official: the GOP nomination race is about Herman Cain’s penis. Is it just me or does Ginger White sound like a porn star name? She looks more like one of theReal Housewives of Atlanta, which could be her next move.

I think the GOP race should be about Newt’s ego and Mitt’s hair but that’s just me…

8 thoughts on “Deep Hoaxidate Thought

  1. pansypoo says:

    an affair is peanuts compared to sexual harassment. clarence cain’s penis can go home.

  2. Snarki, child of Loki says:

    This Universe isn’t big enough to contain Newt’s ego.
    It has to extend into extra dimensions, and occupy a realm of pure ethereal bullshit.
    Then he opens his mouth, and he bestows some of the essence of bullshit on the peons.
    Not to worry, infinity minus a Newtie-mouthful is still infinity.

  3. RAM says:

    I keep wondering if Herman would be in as much trouble with the wingnuts over this if Ginger White wasn’t white.

  4. thebewilderness says:

    Are we to understand from this that the technique of pulling a womans head toward his crotch and saying you want the ______ don’t you has actually worked for him?

  5. I think the entire GOP field is an audition for “Dancing With The Stars.”

  6. Jay in Oregon says:

    I would have loved it if the woman’s first name was Lily.

  7. Adrastos says:

    @RAM: I’m not sure but Ms. White looks like a light skinned black woman to me. She would fit right in with the 7th Ward Creoles in NOLA.

  8. pansypoo says:

    nobody cares about mittt’s penis?

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