Deep Hoaxidate Thought

It’s official: the GOP nomination race is about Herman Cain’s penis. Is it just me or does Ginger White sound like a porn star name? She looks more like one of theReal Housewives of Atlanta, which could be her next move.

I think the GOP race should be about Newt’s ego and Mitt’s hair but that’s just me…

8 thoughts on “Deep Hoaxidate Thought

  1. This Universe isn’t big enough to contain Newt’s ego.
    It has to extend into extra dimensions, and occupy a realm of pure ethereal bullshit.
    Then he opens his mouth, and he bestows some of the essence of bullshit on the peons.
    Not to worry, infinity minus a Newtie-mouthful is still infinity.

  2. I keep wondering if Herman would be in as much trouble with the wingnuts over this if Ginger White wasn’t white.

  3. Are we to understand from this that the technique of pulling a womans head toward his crotch and saying you want the ______ don’t you has actually worked for him?

  4. @RAM: I’m not sure but Ms. White looks like a light skinned black woman to me. She would fit right in with the 7th Ward Creoles in NOLA.

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