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  1. Sorry to hear you and yours are poorly. I’m rarely sick (though have now of course jinxed that) and it’s usually toothache, cos I don’t look after them properly. :-#

  2. A terrible reaction to Ciprodex for a urinary track infection which gave me no symptoms. The infection returned, and I am now on another antibiotic, which I hope will cure the infection and not produce wretched side-effects. Did y’all really want to hear this?
    Athenae, I hope you and all who are ill will feel better soon.

  3. I had a pretty bad bout with Hep A as a 20-something. Did a number on my liver.
    Now, too much stress, not enough sleep, alcohol, can sometimes knock me for a loop.
    It feels like you’re coming down with the flu, but you never get a fever or localized symptoms, and bed rest makes it go away.
    Hit me three weeks ago, and about three times a year, otherwise.
    Stress has been going up with not enough people at work to cover the incoming issues from one of our contracts, and failed system rollout after failed system rollout, and server failure after server failure from them.
    The Hep thing sucks big-time, because I’m O negative, and used to donate five times a year. Now I can’t.

  4. I had a terrible something in my sinuses and chest for about 2 weeks in October. I don’t have health insurance so I’m not sure if it was a virus, bacteria, or a curse. I drank plenty of fluids, got the right bottle of Robitussen for my symptoms (eventually), forced myself to get some exercise through light walking, and coughed up a lot of icky looking slime which seemed to help. Hot showers helped too! I eventually got better.

  5. In the spring of 2010 I had pneumonia–again–despite having had my pneumonia shot. But as my doc helpfully noted, “You’ll note it didn’t kill you. Those are the strains the vaccine is prevents.” So I had that going for me.
    Then in mid-December I slipped on the ice while shoveling snow and broke my arm.
    All in all, about an average year of trial and tribulation for me. This year [looks furtively around] nothing major. But there’s still 28 days left for the wheels to come off.

  6. I am still recovering from mega cold. Can’t afford to go to the doctor so took some dog medicine. Thought I was going to die. Don’t try taking dog meds for a cold. The side effects are horrible. Literally thought my heart might stop.
    My all time historical sickness was pneumonia contracted while I was serving in the marine corps in 1966. It left permanent scars on my lungs.

  7. Other than an occasional cold I haven’t been really sick in a long time (knocks furiously on wood). The last time I had a major problem was when I found out in a very unpleasant manner that I had developed an allergy to pine nuts – I got violently ill after eating homemade pesto. Sucked as I had enjoyed making and eating pesto for years will no ill effects.

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