It’s about frakking time

Ron Santoone of the best ballplayers of the 1960’s has finally beenelected to the Hall Of Fame. It’s a pity that it happened a year after the man’s death but nobody said life was fair. Hell, I’m not even a Cubs fan but Santo was the real deal.

In addition to his accomplishments as a player and Cubs broadcaster, Santo deserves admission to Cooperstown for surviving 7 seasons with managerLeo Durocher, one of the biggest douchebags in sports history.

Somewhere in another dimension number 10 is clicking his heels:


4 thoughts on “It’s about frakking time

  1. I still haven’t heard who *didn’t* vote for him. 15/16 is the count I read somewhere. I wonder what asshat couldn’t manage to do the right thing *even after Santo was gone*.

  2. Too little, too late. After putting the poor bastard through agonies on HOF votes during his lifetime, this posthumous “honor” comes as an insult.
    As Daffy might say, “Thanks for the sour persimmons, cousin.”

  3. Glad you wrote about this because I didn’t want to. It was one of those things where you had the sense that the committee was saying, “OK, Ron, you probably deserve this, but since no one gave it to you already, we won’t either. Then again, once you’re dead, we can do the “right thing” and look a lot less like assholes about it, even though it’s clear that we are and didn’t want to do the right thing at the time.”
    It’s disgusting that it took this long and that he’s not here to enjoy it. I remember the HBO Cubs documentary where he was interviewed and he talked about his allegiance to the Cubs. He then rolled up his pants legs to reveal his prosthetic limbs, which were coated in Cubs logos, colors and his old number.
    Rest easy, number 10. You were always a Hall of Famer, even if it took some officious asshats too long to recognize it.

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