Gay rights are human rights

Conservatives, of course, beg to differ

3 thoughts on “Gay rights are human rights

  1. Athenae says:

    Fuck yeah, Hillary.
    And for serious, those religious bigots were all about exporting American values when those American values blew stuff up.

  2. mothra says:

    Erm…except Hillary lives in a country which has DOMA. Which her goddamned husband signed, for God’s sake.
    Words are easy. Actions, apparently, not so much.

  3. virgotex says:

    Ironic, yes, mothra. Or something more toward the cynicism/hypocrisy end of the scale.
    But to our knowledge, the US government at least doesn’t execute its LGBT citizens outright.
    Would have been interesting to have access to the fly-on-the-wall West Wing script wherein the former unsuccessful Presidential candidate who is now Sec of State was dispatched by man who defeated her to deliver unpopular message abroad which is undoubtedly planned to help him get reelected at home.
    Cynical? Who, me?

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