Shaming Her Will Fix Everything

God Almighty:

While the arguments fly, McCormack waits quietly in her small, dark apartment. A bedraggled bouquet of silk flowers hangs outside her front door along with a plaque that says “Welcome” in Spanish, French, and German.Even if her suit succeeds, there is no victory for her. She says she has “no friends at all, no one to talk to.” She knows no one who’s had an abortion, or at least no one who will admit it. “My mother, she’s Mormon, you know? She’s a proud person, and this is a terrible thing for her to have to look people in the eye.” After her picture appeared in the paper, McCormack got a part-time job at a dry cleaner, using another name, but people figured out who she was and stopped letting her bag up their clothes, so she quit. On a recent trip to a local state office to apply for aid, she was ignored for hours. “They made it clear what was happening,” she says. “For a while I just sat there, sort of amazed that they were just letting me sit there.” Eventually, she picked up her son and went home.

Even her attempts to bury her fetus have been thwarted. Hearn put in requests to the district attorney to have the remains released from the evidence locker, but no one has responded. “I never wanted to be someone public, to make a point,” McCormack says. “This isn’t a cause for me. I just didn’t know what to do. I did what I thought was right for my kids, that’s all.”

I’m sure that helped. I mean, I’m sure it did. She can go back and un-abort now, that you’ve taught her a lesson. She won’t be poor and desperate anymore, now that you’ve denied her aid to prove what a virtuous person YOU are, to refuse to touch her unclean hands or the hands of her children. She’ll just disappear now, and you won’t have to think about the options our society offers somebody who made the horrible, cardinal sin of having sex like a human being.

Life would have been so much better if she’d been forced by the state to bear that child, by the way. Then you could have shamed her in the ordinary way we shame people who seek public aid, or who happen to be less than perfectly dressed, or who eat fast food, or something. Then, at best, she could have gone back to being invisibly desperate, instead of all up in our faces, reminding us of our shortcomings and other inconvenient things like that.


9 thoughts on “Shaming Her Will Fix Everything

  1. When we talk about the coming end of the American empire, it’s usually in economic terms but it’s also due to this stuff. This sort of putrid bald-faced hatred in the name of some higher “morality” that not only keeps people stupid, it renders them incapable of common decency, of empathy for other humans in desperate situations. What’s happened is ineffably sad for this woman, but it’s every bit as sad for us as a country.

  2. Hopefully, the publicity will result in someone, anyone, reaching out to her to offer some help, hope, support, something useful. As a woman, it enrages me that men are basically in charge of making the decisions that result in situations such as this. As an American, it makes me unbelievably sad that we treat our fellow citizens this way.
    My only minor quibble is the atatement that the personhood amendment was “narrowly defeated” when in fact, of the people casting a vote on that specific amendment, 55+% voted AGAINST it, and it would have required a majority of ALL VOTES CAST to have passed, not just a majority of the votes related to personhood.

  3. So, if you have an abortion, they slut-shame you and treat you like crap.
    If you have the baby, they slut-shame you and treat you like crap.
    I agree with you 100%; what does a woman do in that situation?
    How does life work out for her?
    Or in this “compassionate conservative” society, should she just have the grace an humility to die quietly in the gutter as befits one of her moral standing?

  4. This whole story is riddled with just casually evil people. They have no reason to do what they do, except that they can and will get away with it.

  5. virgotex:
    This sort of putrid bald-faced hatred in the name of some higher “morality” that not only keeps people stupid, it renders them incapable of common decency, of empathy for other humans in desperate situations.
    They’d better hope that the God they claim to worship (and Jesus they claim to revere) doesn’t exist, because the Bible wasreally quite clear what happens to people who turn their backs on the poor and needy.
    Hint: it involves the phrase “eternal fire”.

  6. Jay, what we’ve forgotten is it’s not about THEM. It’s about YOU. It’s not about if they deserve your help, it’s not about if they are living the perfect, virtuous life, it’s about whether YOU deserve to give your time, attention, treasure, etc. It’s about YOUR obligations, not theirs.

  7. I’m incredibly furious at the allegedly pro-choice people with the big soapboxes for not coming out about 1000% in support of her.This kind of thing, the fetus in deep-freeze on the porch with the woman inside panicking and desperate, should get framed as Exhibit Fucking A as to why safe, medically-supervised abortion needs to be available, dammit, and destigmatised. How stupidare NARAL and whoever else that they can’tsee that?! Nobody shouldever have to go through that kind of thing, and even if you have an abortion using misoprostol and mifepristone, you should be able to have medical assistance so that if something goes wrong, you don’t, say, bleed out.
    I’m so tired of the prevailing conventional wisdom around abortion, even by the allegedly pro-choice people — “safe, legal, and rare” is wishy-washy bullshit, and when the other side is willing toblow people up and shoot them to get their way, wishy-washy bullshit amounts to agreeing with them. Fuck you, Vichy “pro-choice” assholes.

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