Deep Cheese Thought

Last week, Rick Santorum compared himself to one of my favorite foods:

What they’ll find, he said, is exactly what voters here are hungry for.

“I’m confident that when they do, they’ll find one person who — maybe I’m not the flashiest person, I may be a little boring when it comes to, because I’m consistent,” he said. “My record isn’t swiss cheese. I mean it’s solid, it’s a solid block of cheese.

This is an insult to cheese lovers everywhere. It could inspire someone to throw a block of cheese at his Iowa HQ windows. What kind of cheese? Brick…

7 thoughts on “Deep Cheese Thought

  1. For a man with a “Google problem” like his, perhaps the comparison of self to any kind of cheese is unwise.

  2. You all won’t listen to me, will you? Humility sells in Iowa. Hawkeyes like me love cheese even when we hate his policies. The more you make fun of him …

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