Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Putrid Potpourri edition

OK guys – I’ve put Mr. Peabody’s Wayback machine inside the iso chamber, so we can fly back to a better time – a simpler time – a time when there were still “Our Sarah For President” signs.

Here we go! First up –Are you ready for some FUBO???

ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr. after he compares Obama to Hitler ^ | 10-3-11 | Chris Chase

Posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 8:51:51 PM byJustaham

Hank Williams Jr., the singer whose various videos for the hit song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Monday Night” has served as the intro to “Monday Night Football” for 23 seasons, compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler during a Monday morning appearance on “Fox and Friends.” The statement led to ESPN pulling his popular intro segment, best known to fans for its “Are you ready for some football?” ending, for Monday night’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

During a discussion on the 2012 presidential race, Williams began discussing Obama’s golf outing with Speaker of the House John Boehner. He said it was a political mistake, on par with “Hitler playing golf with [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

1 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 8:51:55 PM byJustaham
He then said:
“Well you may not know it but this man is a spy.
He’s a undercover agent for the FBI
And he’s been sent down here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan!”
I said “Would you believe this man has gone as far
As tearing Wallace stickers off the bumpers of cars
And he voted for George McGovern for President.”

“Well he’s a friend of them long haired, hippy-type, pinko fags!
I betchya he’s even got a commie flag
Tacked up on the wall inside of his garage.”

Further respondent sayeth not.

To: Justaham
I heard about Bush being ‘hitler’ for years. Someone says it from the other angle? Fired.NFL expect repercussions.
2 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 8:55:20 PM byallmost
I’m sure they’re absolutely terrified.

To: Justaham

Hank shouldn’t be working for those light in the loafers fairies at ESPN anyway. He’s better off.

7 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 8:58:42 PM byFlingWingFlyer (If you always tell the truth, you won’t have to remember what you said.)
“Light in the loafers”?They’ll fuck you up, son.

To: Justaham

Actually he never compared Obama to Hitler. What he said was Boehner and Obama Golfing was like Hitler and Netanyahu golfing. In other words, you could not find two more diametrically opposed people to play golf. He was no more likening Obama to Hitler than he was calling Boehner Netanyahu, ( which wouldnt even make sense asBoehner on his best day couldn’t even polish Bibi’s shoes.)

Well, “Bibi” has your spittle to do that with, doesn’t he?

Stupid Gretchen Carlson and Stupid Stupid ESPN.Oh well two less things that I don’t watch that I will now avoid even more.

9 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 8:59:21 PM by1malumprohibitum
How do you not watch something even more thanyou’re already not watching it?
Expect repercussions.

To: Justaham

Could sports be more racist?

It’s all gone downhill since they started letting the coloreds in.

It’s sickening. It was Gretchen or someone who made something out of that question. I knew the minute she emphasized it that he was out.

Bocephus is gay?

He went on the show to publicize some newly discovered music by his father that’s out now on TV but they had to delve into politics.

Maybe you could tell him to shut up and sing?

I think this is kinda sad.

20 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 9:05:49 PM byaltura ( Palin/Ryan—or Palin/Perry or Palin/Rubio
Based on your sig line, I foresee a lifetime of “kinda sad”, bitter disppointment, and hearbreak ahead of you, due to your inability to distinguish your fantasies from reality.
You will then blame your hearbreak and wasted life on hippies and “commonists”.

To: PrkChps

We’ve decided to BOYCOTT MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL for the rest of the season! Support Hank Williams Jr and BOYCOTT MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!!

35 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 9:39:47 PM bygoron (communism)
So how did that work out for ya, Freepers?

‘Monday Night Football Wins the Night for ESPN’

Written By

November 30th, 2011

Monday night’s ESPNMonday Night Football telecast – a 49-24 New Orleans Saints victory over the New York Giants – helped ESPN win the night among all networks – broadcast or cable – in households, viewers, and all key male and adult demos. The telecast averaged:
  • 10.7 household coveragerating (9.3 U.S. rating)
  • 10,624,000 households
  • 14,423,000 viewers
  • ESPN won the night among all networks in households, viewers and all key male and adult demos;
  • MNF led all programs Monday night in the delivery of households, viewers and all key male and adult demos
  • The game ranks as the seventh most-viewed telecast of the year on cable among households (ninth among viewers).
Wow – looks like you morons continue to have the same effect on the outside world that you always have.
More time-travelling after the Tebow-approved jump.

OK – are we done with Bocephus, then?

To: Justaham

During the back and forth, Hank told the interviewer that he doesn’t like any of the GOP candidates but if he were t choose one of them, the one who attracted him most was Herman Cain.

46 posted on Monday, October 03, 2011 9:50:35 PM bySeekAndFind (u)
Apparently not.
Coming up next –Good for what Ailes ya!

Ailes: ‘I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings’Politico ^ | October 5, 2011

Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:05:49 PM byEveningStar

Roger Ailes tells theAP that there was nothing political in his decision to hire Sarah Palin as a Fox News contributor.

“I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings,” he told Frazier Moore, AP’s television writer, in a long and wide-ranging interview.

1 posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:05:56 PM byEveningStar

To: All

Roger, there are some things just left better not said.

2 posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:07:37 PM byEveningStar
(see: “uppity”)

To: EveningStar

It’s obvious that by “hot” he meant she was a controversial and interesting figure that is widely discussed, but themedia is twisting his commentto mean she was wildly attractive.


Can’t expect the media to be honest where Palin and Fox are concerned.

3 posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:07:37 PM byMount Athos (A Giant luxury mega-mansion for Gore, a Government Green EcoShack made of poo for you)
Howdare they quote him directly that way?

To: EveningStar

Roger Ailes is not unlike many in his generation, perfectly willing to marginalize women… unless he can make a buck. Mysogynist puke, not unlike my tagline buddy below.

7 posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:10:52 PM byHMS Surprise (Chris Christie can go to hell.)

To: worst-case scenario

So, is that Playboy offer still valid or not?

38 posted on Thursday, October 06, 2011 1:14:09 AM bygman992 (“I’m a conservative. I’m just a happy conservative.”)

To: gman992

Probably not for as much as it was originally, though there are certainly enough people who would pay for it. There could conceivably be a Special Edition Calendar put out by Fox with titillating photos of all its “hot” female commentators and newscasters: Sarah, Gretchen, Megyn, Shannon, Julie, Laura, Courtney …Plain women need not apply for an on-air job at Fox. They’ve found the sweet spot to drive male viewers to the station:use Page 6 girls to read the newscasts, and put them in tight-fitting, preferably low-cut, knits.

39 posted on Thursday, October 06, 2011 11:53:04 AM byworst-case scenario (Striving to reach the light)
Followed, of course, by:

To: worst-case scenario

I have no problem with that…saw Susan Cena on Red Eye last night…smokin!

40 posted on Thursday, October 06, 2011 11:06:24 PM bygman992 (“I’m a conservative. I’m just a happy conservative.”)
Come for the tits – stay for the boobs.
Next up –Yay – I mean, BOO for the freed hitchhikers!

American hikers freed in Iran
CNN ^ | 9-21-11

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 8:52:55 AM byJustaham

Tehran, Iran (CNN) — Two American hikers imprisoned as spies in Iran for more than two years were released on bail Wednesday, Iranian and U.S. officials said.

The news of their release comes a day before Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is due to speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, both 29, were convicted last month of entering Iran illegally and spying for the United States, and each sentenced to eight years in prison.

They have not yet been seen leaving Evin Prison, but their attorney, Masoud Shafiee, went into the facility earlier in the day with paperwork to show that the $500,000 bail had been paid for each of them.

1 posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 8:52:56 AM byJustaham
At first, the Freeperati are all like“Dumbasses for being there, but thank jeebus they’re free”.

To: Justaham

Glad you guys are out, but that was a DUMB choice for an area to hike in. How about the Rockies, or Northern California or the Adirondacks? Heck, I-80 in Ohio would be a better choice (if you like seeing semi after semi, that is).

10 posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:00:36 AM byPharmboy (What always made the state a hell has been that man tried to make it heaven-Hoelderlin)

To: Justaham

I’m glad they have been released.

But REALLY, WHO the Hell would go for a hike on the border between Iraq and Iran unless they DID indeed plan on espionage?

24 posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:10:22 AM byZULU (DUMP Obama in 2012)
To: kabar; SMARTY; Sacajaweau; Right Brother

Bingo! That’s what I’ve been thinking all along. Of course, those who say activists or idiots or S*&^-stirring Liberal knuckle heads (lol, thanks, SMARTY) make a good point. But I can’t get this nagging little thing out of my head that maybe they really do work for the CIA and we shouldn’t be so quick to hate them.

Going to be interesting to see what they have to say for themselves when they get home.

31 posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:21:01 AM byLibWhacker
Isn’t it just?

Freed hikers set to address ‘Occupy Oakland’ encampment (Comparing Iranian to US prisons)
CNN ^ | October 17, 2011 | Staff

Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:10:00 PM by2ndDivisionVet

The now-global Occupy Wall Street movement rolled into its 31st day on Monday, with an appearance by three Americans freed after being held in Iran highlighting activities on the U.S. West Coast.

The three Americans — released after being convicted of spying in Iran and held for several months — were set to address a crowd of people camped out in front of Oakland, California, City Hall at 5 p.m. PT (8 p.m. ET).

Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer and Sarah Shourd were to make “their first West Coast public appearance” since leaving Iran, weeks after the two men were freed and allowed to return home, Occupy Oakland said on its website. Shourd was released earlier.

“(The three) are going to talk about the connections that can be drawn between the ordeal they went through and the situation in U.S. prisons, including linking their hunger strike with the current hunger strikers in California prisons, torture and brutality, and other issues,” said a post on

Definitely CIA.

I wonder if they know Chuck Barris?

The issues to be addressed showed the continued breadth — and, some critics say, the lack of focus — of the movement…
1 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:10:01 PM by2ndDivisionVet

To: 2ndDivisionVet

I suspect that they were never “imprisoned” in a real sense. Its almost as if the whole thing was a set up.

They sure got better treatment than the Canadian journalist who died in an Iranian prison a few years ago.

3 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:15:25 PM bycripplecreek (A vote for Amnesty is a vote for a permanent Democrat majority. ..Choose well.)
That would be because their families, unlike the Canadian government with the journalist, bailed them out.
And it’s probablywhy they bailed them out.

To: 2ndDivisionVet

I wish their pals in Iran had kept them.

4 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:17:00 PM byFlingWingFlyer (Stop Government Greed Now!!!!)

To: FlingWingFlyer

I Never believed their BS story about “Hiking” in Iraq..who goes hiking in Iraq..what, not enough places to hike here in the US u gotta go to Iraq..and they just stumbled across to the Iranian side..the whole thing smelled fishy from the start

5 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:22:48 PM bySarah Barracuda

To: Sarah Barracuda

Same here. More than likely, they were over there searching for some kind of “gotcha” moment against America or Israel. That’s what I’ve always believed. They definitely weren’t “hiking”.

7 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 7:26:58 PM byFlingWingFlyer (Stop Government Greed Now!!!!)
“FlingWingFlyer” hasn’t left his Faraday Cage in 8 and a half years.

To: Lil Flower

Who’s to say that the Obama administration didn’t direct them to go there?

18 posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 8:08:35 PM by2ndDivisionVet (Better to ask forgiveness than permission.)
Well, we haven’t done one of these for a while, so let’s visitThe quietest thread of the day!

Obama the Bounty Hunter ^ | October 22, 2011 | Bill Tatro

Posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:42:23 AM byKaslin

The streets are awash in optimism.

Bin Laden and Qaddafi are dead, democracy is running rampant in the Middle East, God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world.

To add to this incredible opium, Senator Lindsay Graham said Libya’s new government will pay us back $1.5 billion as reimbursement to our taxpayers for our Libyan actions. Steve McQueen (Wanted: Dead or Alive) would have been proud of this bounty on the head of a bad guy.

The sad part of listening to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lindsay Graham, and even John McCain, is that none of the above is founded in historic reality.

Any revolution, including ours of 1776, has counter revolutions that creates ebb and flow until the real truth settles out.

The belief that Libya will now move to a democratic society after a dictatorship is unrealistic.

The three tribes have been kept at bay by a buffer which has now been removed.

To believe these tribes will have a kumbaya moment and disregard thousands of years of traditional hatred is naïve at best and dangerous at worst.

Unfortunately, these attitudes prevail in many camps, both Republican and Democrat; Liberal and Conservative.

Ten years of war in Afghanistan is a lifetime for the American people, but for the Afghans it is a blink of an eye in their history and tradition.

The miracle of Germany was their rebirth following the total destruction of WWII. However, the Germans were not trying to move in a different historical direction than they had previously proceeded for hundreds of years.

They maintained their individuality and idiosyncrasies as most countries do, which is why unifying under the European Union has created so many problems.

You can’t change what or who people are.

Regrettably, this lesson has not been learned in the Middle East.

When I took my grandson to the beach one day, we spent hours building a sandcastle. He was sunburned, had sand in his mouth, and even cut his little finger.

I said “was it worth it?”

He said “Yes, Poppa, look what we built. It’s beautiful, and it will last forever so people will see it every time they come to the beach.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him or show him the next day that all our efforts would be swept away by the tide.

It was inevitable.

So to it will be for the Middle East.

No matter how much we hope, and how much we pray, and how much we wish that somehow this time it will be different.

1 posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:42:24 AM byKaslin
That postby itselfis longer than the comment thread.

To: Kaslin

When Afghanistan isn’t united to fight against “outsiders”, they go back to fighting amongst themselves.

Never thought I’d say such a thing, but we should pull ALL our troops out of there and let them go back to killing each other.

We need our troops here in America, not only to secure our borders and fellow Americans, but secure us from the oppressive government we now have.

2 posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:49:49 AM byNoGrayZone (“Get ready for an aberration of historic proportions” – Herman Cain)

To: Kaslin

“Yes, Poppa, look what we built. It’s beautiful, and it will last forever so people will see it every time they come to the beach.”

Not surprising coming from a kid: sadly, his sentiments sound like those of hero-worshiping Obama voters who also have seeninconvenient reality


intrude on theirnaive hopes.


5 posted on Saturday, October 22, 2011 9:39:54 AM byDrC
Well, while my irony meter’s out for repair from that last comment, theres time for one more – how about –
“If Romney reaches out to me, I’ll bite his hand”?

Despite warning signs, Romney declines to reach out to major tea party groups
The Daily Caller ^ | 10/20/2011 | Will Rahn and Alex Pappas

Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:22:16 AM bymartosko

Two of America’s most active national tea party organizations say former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has made no effort to win them over, despite his apparent need to attract more grassroots support.

“As far as I am aware, we’ve had no contact with Romney’s campaign, nor have any of his representatives reached out,” Mark Meckler, co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, told The Daily Caller.

1 posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:22:21 AM bymartosko
This oughtta be good.

To: martosko

Purpose of FR and why we can never support Mitt Romney
vanity | Oct 15, 2011 | Jim Robinson

Posted on Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:51:20 PM by Jim RobinsonEdited on Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:54:20 PM by Jim Robinson. [history]

Our purpose and goal on FR is to restore, defend, preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States and to secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity!!

The goal of the domestic enemy (the left), i.e., the statist liberals, Marxists and progressives is just the opposite.

You forgot teh gays.

The goal of the establishment RINO is to gain control of political power, but not to otherwise rock the boat. The boat continues taking on water and listing sharper to port every time the left takes over, but the unprincipled RINOs do absolutely nothing to right her when they get a chance. In fact, the RINOs actually tack on plenty of their own unconstitutional baggage when they’re in power and so our ship of state today is in pretty bad shape.

Did you get your disability check this month, Jimbo?

RINO Romney is one of the worst. We can thank him for being the chief architect of ObamaCare, which if we cannot get overturned and repealed, will finally accomplish the left’s major objective of shredding the final remnants of our tattered constitution and ending our God-given Liberty forever (they think).

The liberals believe our constitution is a flawed document written in a different time for different circumstances by rich old racist white men

When in reality, it was written in 1955, by impoverished negroes.

and no longer applies to today’s circumstances. They’re now even trying to promote the idea that the constitution was never intended to limit or restrict the powers of government.

Like hell! That was and is its primary intent! And we who have sworn an oath to defend it, will defend it—from all enemies, foreign and domestic!

And that’s FR’s purpose and reason for being.

“That, and keeping me in spending money.”

Romney may be a Republican, and that’s questionable

The people who actually run things (you know, besides their mouths) don’t seem to think so.

, because he’s violated nearly every plank in the Republican party’s official pro-God, pro-Life, pro-Family, pro-Constitution, pro-Liberty platform, but he’s definitely no conservative. In fact his record is that of a statist liberal progressive. And he’s a total fraud to boot, with a nasty habit of lying—about everything. He’ll do and say anything if he thinks it will help him get elected. He’s a two-bit, unprincipled political whore.

Takes one to know one.

Here’s Romney’s record on some of our primary issues of concern compared to Obama’s:

Issue: Obama Romney
Pro-Abortion check check
Gun-grabber check check
Gay rights check check
Gov forced healthcare check check
Tax payer funded abortion check check
Man-made global warming check check
Liberal judges check check
Liberal appointees check check
Ted Kennedy pal check check
Proven liar check check
Fraud check check
Liberal Progressive check check
Enemy of Reagan/Bush check check
Enemy of the tea party check check
Enemy of Liberty check check
Defender of the Constitution no no
Conservative no no
Works across the aisle no yes
Architect of ObamaCare no yes
Domestic Enemy check check
Useful idiot check check

Check, please!

All of the above plus much more is documented in the RomneyTruth files on FR. Click the RomneyTruthFile keyword at the top of the main page. Also watch the “New Romney Campaign Video” also linked at the top of the main page. Watch it all the way through. I even saw some clips I’d never seen before. Pretty damning stuff for anyone running for president as a Republican.

Let’s face it folks, the elite establishment RINO corps hates the tea party, hates conservatives, are afraid and even ashamed to have us identify ourselves as Republicans, feel we are dangerous extremist, racist, bigoted bible thumping, gun-toting, flag-waving neanderthals.

I wonder how they could have possibly gottenthat idea?

The tea party is the best thing to happen for America since 1776 and our tea party candidates are the best thing for the GOP since Ronald Reagan, but what do the elite establishment RINOs do? They declare us the enemy! They went after Sarah Palin and some of our other tea party candidates with bared fangs and talons. Karl Rove and company were and continue to be as nasty and shameless on the attack as the nastiest lying liberal.

You licked up Karl Rove’s spittle for eight solid years, andNOW he’s the enemy?

Sarah Palin was the most exciting new face in GOP politics in a century and would have been a landslide 57 state victory over the corrupt, lying Marxist/progressive Obama. But the good ol’ boys, i.e., the elite establishment corrupt crony capitalist GOP bastards could have none of that. Instead, they’ve opted to go all in with a corrupt, lying statist/progressive of their own: Willard (the Rat) Romney.

Well, good luck getting the Rat elected without the committed grassroots, pro-life, pro-constitution conservatives or the majority of the tea party.

FR, for one, will not play that game. NO MORE RINOS!!


JR made this list and I agree with it.

6 posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:40:15 AM byVendome (Don’t take life so seriously, you won’t live through it anyway)
“I’m a brain-dead loser, and I approved this ad.”
And, of course:

To: martosko

If he reaches out to me, I will bite his hand.


10 posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:10:12 AM byLibLieSlayer (“Americans are hungry to feel once again a sense of mission and greatness.” Ronaldo Magnus)
Well, that was fun, wasn’t it?.
You know, I really really don’t want Mittens to get the nomination, mainy because he’s the only one of the bunch who has a shot of winning the Presidency.
But – sometimes when I got to bed at night, I imagine the hysteria and shrieks of outrage in Freeperville if that were to happen.
And I go to sleep with a smile on my face,
More Putrid Potpourri next week, unless there’s another meltdown like Cain’s withdrawal in the meantime.

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8 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Putrid Potpourri edition

  1. Jude says:

    We need our troops here in America, not only to secure our borders and fellow Americans, but secure us from the oppressive government we now have.
    They don’t seem to understand that the government controls the military, do they?

  2. Scott says:

    Your Onion link is broked.
    Other than that, brilliant as ever. 🙂

  3. virgotex says:

    Minor correction. As we all learned from Mittens in Saturday’s debate, Bibi’s last name is actually Not-On-Yahoo, not Netanyahu.

  4. Nora says:

    Am I the only person who wonders about the “57 state victory” that Our Sarah would have won? What, pray tell, are the other seven states?

  5. MarcD says:

    Thanks as usual, TT! BTW, the Cincinnati Zoo has a cat ambassador cheetah that appears to be your namesake. He was born at the zoo with their cheetah breeding program.
    Anyway, Jude, besides the obvious logical fallacy you point out, they also forget that the Posse Comitatus Act severely limits what the Army can do at home. The Navy and Marines are prohibited by DoD order from operating at home ( though can you imagine an Ohio class sub popping up in McCovey Cove during a game with some kayaker on its mast? ).
    ANY group with power tends to abuse it at some point. Politicians, military, judges, law enforcement, teachers, bosses, boat captains, carnies, den mothers, and car salesmen have all abused power. Simply taking it from one group and giving it to another doesn’t solve anything. The only thing that keeps it in check is a participatory democracy, not allegiance to an ideology. An ideology is fine, but it isn’t the magic that makes the country work – citizen participation does.

  6. Kibitzer 2006 says:

    Just to sum it all up… I have no idea what (the real, not Jr.) Hank Williams’ politics were, if he had any (he died at age 29), but through the benefit of the Wayback Machine we can now observe that Hank was actually writing theme songs for this cycle’s crop of GOP candidates. I’ve tried to match them up as best I can, but any help would be appreciated.
    Mitt Romney =Cold, Cold Heart:

    I tried so hard my dear to show that you’re my every dream.
    Yet you’re afraid each thing I do is just some evil scheme
    A memory from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart
    Why can’t I free your doubtful mind and melt your cold cold heart

    Newt Gingrich =Move it on Over:

    Came in last night at half past ten
    That baby of mine wouldn’t let me in
    So move it on over (move it on over)
    Move it on over (move it on over)
    Move over little dog cause the big dog’s moving in
    She changed the lock on my front door
    Now my key don’t fit no more
    So get it on over (move it on over)
    Scoot it on over (move it on over)
    Move over skinny dog cause the fat dog’s moving in

    Sarah Palin =Your Cheating Heart:

    Your cheatin’ heart will make you weep
    You’ll cry and cry and try to sleep
    But sleep won’t come the whole night through
    Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you

    Michele Bachmann =Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain:

    In the twilight glow I see her
    Blue eyes crying in the rain
    As we kissed goodbye and parted
    I knew we’d never meet again

    Rick Perry =You Win Again:

    The news is out, all over town
    That you’ve been seen, a-runnin’ ’round
    I know that I, should leave, but then
    I just can’t go, you win again.

    Herman Cain =I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow:

    I was riding Number Nine,
    Heading South from Caroline.
    I heard that lonesome whistle blow.
    I didn’t trouble had to roam,
    I left my gal, I left my home.
    I heard that lonesome whistle blow.

    Ron Paul =Mind Your Own Business:

    If the wife and I are fussin’, brother that’s our right
    Cause me and that sweet woman’s got a license to fight
    Why don’t you mind your own business
    (Mind your own business)
    Cause if you mind your business, then you won’t be mindin’ mine.

    Jon Huntsman =Kaw-liga:

    Kaw-liga was a wooden Indian standing by the door,
    He fell in love with an Indian maiden over in the antique store,
    Kaw-liga just stood there and never let it show,
    So she could never answer “yes” or “no.”
    Poor ol’ Kaw-liga, he never got a kiss.
    Poor ol’ Kaw-liga, he don’t know what he missed.
    Is it any wonder that his face is red?
    Kaw-liga, that poor ol’ wooden head.

    Santorum =I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry:

    Hear that lonesome whippoorwill,
    He sounds too blue to fly.
    That midnight train is whining low,
    I’m so lonesome I could cry.

    And then, for the entire field of not-Mitts, Hank hasWhy Don’t You Love Me (Like You Used to Do):

    Well, why don’t you love me like you used to do
    How come you treat me like a worn out shoe
    My hair’s still curly and my eyes are still blue
    Why don’t you love me like you used to do?
    Ain’t had no lovin’ like a huggin’ and a kissin’
    In a long, long while
    We don’t get nearer or further or closer
    Than a country mile.
    Why don’t you spark me like you used to do
    And say sweet nothin’s like you used to coo
    I’m the same old trouble that you’ve always been through
    So why don’t you love me like you used to do?
    Well, why don’t you be just like you used to be
    How come you find so many faults with me
    Somebody’s changed so let me give you a clue
    Why don’t you love me like you used to do?
    Ain’t had no lovin’ like a huggin’ and a kissin’
    In a long, long while
    We don’t get nearer or further or closer
    Than a country mile.
    Why don’t you say the things you used to say
    What makes you treat me like a piece of clay
    My hair’s still curly and my eyes are still blue
    Why don’t you love me like you used to do?


  7. Tommy T says:

    Kibitzer for the win!

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