6 thoughts on “We’re Sorry You’re Bigots

  1. Ouch ! Apologizing that you reported the news.
    And considering all the anti-immigration groups today and anti-immigrration purges of the past, I’d say the topic is rather pertinent.

  2. …campaign now confirms lead political director title changing to “Chief of Staff” from “Grand Wizard” also.
    Here’s the thing. When you start making sinister implications about people for political gain you’re going to have some unsavory company. Did Romney et. al. know about Keeping America American’s history? Maybe, maybe not. I actually didn’t know it myself so I’m certainly willing to give others the benefit of the doubt.
    But you know what? The easy way to avoid that is to not casually denigrate someone else’s patriotism. If you stick to saying what you disagree with him on with respect to policy then your chances of accidentally invoking the Klan go to roughly zero.
    You deciding to put someone else’s patriotism in play in the first place is what’s irresponsible, incendiary and appalling, Willard.

  3. From the song ‘Galveston Bay’ by Bruce Springsteen:
    Soon in the bars around the harbor was talk
    Of America for Americans
    Someone said “You want ’em out, you got to burn ’em out.”
    And brought in the Texas Klan
    One humid Texas night there were three shadows on the harbor
    Come to burn the Vietnamese boats into the sea

    If you start playing around with this kind of rhetoric, the result is violence. I think Romney is a third-rate xenophobe and maybe a politically expedient xenophobia at that. The thing is, third-rate xenophobia still counts! If some brown person gets burned out of their home by some zealot trying to keep America American, I hope Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton apologize for being cowardly shitheads so meek that they’ll take the hit for being correct.

  4. Besides which, ask this question: Keep America American — as opposed to what?
    I mean, what does Mitt *think* that nifty little slogan means? Who, exactly, does he think he’s walling out with his two-word chant? Who is *not* American enough to live in his fucking country?
    Yeah, I guess that would be me and people like me, gay liberal transexual socialist atheists and brown people. Fuck you, Mitt, and the ignorant-ass gated planet you live on.

  5. The first rule of the “librul” media is to never ever point out that Republicans are hateful bigots who care only about the rich. If it accidentally happens then you must prostrate yourself and beg forgiveness.

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