Does it occur to no one that we are creating more problems than we are supposed to be solving?

She was broke and about to lose her home after her father died. Although she had a doctorate in literature and had once taught at a college in California, she had been fired from the only job she could get — as a clerk at a local drugstore.

The job was gone. So was her will to go on. But a friend persuaded her to give the Beverly center a chance. “They treated you like you were a human being, like you were normal,” Sullivan said.

She continued to go back, but even after six years of therapy she kept “suicide as a backup plan,” she said. Eventually, her therapist convinced her that she could not get well “if I always had an exit strategy.”

The city’s plan to close Beverly-Morgan Park Center and five others — Auburn Gresham Mental Health Center, Chicago Woodlawn Mental Health, Northwest Mental Health Center, Back of the Yards Mental Health Center and Northtown Mental Health Center — literally puts lives at risk, Sullivan said.

“I wouldn’t be here without my clinic,” she said.


6 thoughts on “Austerity

  1. “They” don’t care. The fewer of us sucking off “their” hind teat the happier “they” will be. I know this because I have ex-family that think this way. As long as they have a job and their health insurance is taken care of…as long as their social security and medicare isn’t touched they could give two shits out a rat’s ass about anyone else and if you are unfortunate enough to lose your job and cannot for whatever reason find another well how is that “their” fault and why should “they” be expected to be responsible for a loser who made “wrong” choices?
    They also want to nuke the middle east. Yep. Nuke it and turn it into a parking lot. “Their” exact words.

  2. OkieBlue:
    Of course they are. If not, they would have chosen to be rich instead.

  3. Jo is correct—right-wingers, deep down inside, really want everyone else who is not “like them” to die. The rich especially have this attitude, as they see the working class as peasants taking money from their pockets.

  4. Don’t these folks remember a couple of decades ago when saving money by closing residential treatment centers, forcing folks on the street, and treating them outside was part of the mantra?
    And how miserable a fail that was?

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