NOLA Notes: Twelfth Night Edition


A boozy epiphany: It’s the first day of the Carnival season, which will be mercifully shorter than 2011. There’s a new Carnival related product out that I am NOT eager to sample:King Cake Vodka.Sounds totally vomitorious to me since I don’t care for either vodka or sweet likker. It has come to my attention that unlike a*real* King Cake there will not be a plastic baby inside the bottle. If someone offers me a shot of this shit, I’ll try it but until then I’ll rely onNOLA food writer, Todd Price’s tweets.

ESPN meets Andrew Jackson: Unless you’re a sports hater or live in cave, you probably know that the BCS national championship game between local faves the LSU Tigers and their arch-nemesis the Alabama Crimson Tide is taking place at the Superdome next Monday. You may not, however, be aware that ESPN has erected a stage in Jackson Square right across from my shop to broadcast College GameDay. The stage was built in time for the Sugar Bowl. I have to give ESPN credit, it’s the least hostile takeover of the Square ever. So far so good. Haven’t seen Lee Fucking Corso yet but I’m working…

As to the game itself, I think this Tiger team is too loose to lose. Les Miles may not be an intellectual titan but he doesn’t have a permanent stick up his ass like Nick Saban. Some call Saban intense, I call him uptight. I call the game LSU 24 Alabama 21.

The Saints are playing the Detroit Lions tomorrow and are likely to devour them. Drew Brees has been on a tear and the offensive unit is even better than in 2009 when the Saints went on to win the Super Bowl. We appear to be on a collision course with the Packers, which means that it will be family sports feud time here at First Draft. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the weather in Green Bay won’t be too beastly. The record of warm weather teams playing outdoors in the frozen North is not good so I won’t shed any tears if the Pack are upset in their game. Sorry, Athenae, Doc and Scout. I’m not sure where Jude stands since he’s originally from Biloxi but I can take the heat. I do, after all, live in New Orleans…

Geaux Saints. Geaux Tigers. Time for me to, uh, go.

7 thoughts on “NOLA Notes: Twelfth Night Edition

  1. The Original, and will no doubt stay that way, though I wouldn’t mind giving it a “shot”.

  2. Take the heat? Fool, I lived in the Deep South for 24 years. The heat wasn’t a problem. It was the rednecks.

  3. To be fair, Jude, it’s not so much the rednecks as the humidity…
    How ’bout dem TIGERS?!?!?!?! And WHO DAT?!?!?!?!
    Wish I could have made the trip down this weekend for the Louisiana Football Fest. You’re right, Saban’s an uptight prick. You can be great at what you do and still be gracious. Les Miles has shown great ability, talent and class. He seems a bit goofy, but he’s not a dick.
    Oh, and wasn’t it great watching college pre-game shows at the end of the season with Saban making himself “available” for every fecking’ camera to BEG to be let into the BCS Championship game?
    Hell, watching that shit grovel on the teevee was as good as it’s gonna be seing the Honey Badger rip him a new one. (Mass, LSU ’90)

  4. Think I’ll pass on the King Cake Vodka as well…in the meantime, I hear Inauguration “festivities” in the Red Stick will be mercifully short, so as to allow the big shots time to limousine down to NOLA for the big game.
    Part of me wishes they’d stay there…but, nah, wouldn’t wish them on my worst enemies. BR is really where they belong…out of the way and hopefully stuck in traffic most of the time.

  5. There is another new, infused vodka here called “Cake Batter” and – honest to god – it smells like the cake batter we used to beg to lick off the spoon. I have not tasted it yet.

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