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The Pauls

I’m not surprised that Ron Paul has done well thus far this primary season. The voters are cranky and who better to, uh, crank them up than a crank like Ron Paul. I am, however, surprised at how many people think he’ll bolt the GOP and run as a 3rd, 4th or even 5th party candidate. (Just had to prove that I can count that high.) Why? His son, Senator Rand Paul.

Unless Dr. Ron is the world’s worst father, it’s hard to see him ruining his son’s chances in the GOP. Rand could be Ron’s ultimate revenge on the GOP establishment. He’s young, vigorous and holds views every bit as nutty as Papa Paul. It’s easy to foresee the artist formerly known as Aqua Buddha making a creditable run for the GOP nomination. He’s a hardcore Paultard but has learned to smooth over his father’s rough edges to sound more like a conventional wingnut.

Dr. Ron’s ideologically crazed followers may not like it (and neither do I as someone who wished the GOP ill) but if he runs as a third party candidate I will eat my least favorite veggie: Cauliflower. I suspect he won’t endorse Romney to retain his purity even though he does like vulture capitalism. But he likes the Crown Prince more.

9 thoughts on “The Crown Prince

  1. Of course, either Paul could run as an independent and do for the repubs what Nader has so many times done for the dems.
    As radical libertarians and devotees of Ayn Rand, I really wonder about them as the capitalist (especially circa 1920s) analog to Nietzsche and his superman. And we all know how Wagner’s Ring turned out with Gotterdamerung (as Bugs Bunny observed about opera, you expected a happy ending?)

  2. The Pauls are very similar to Newt Gingrich in that they are absolutely convinced about the purity of their views and rightness of their missions.
    Oh, and they’re dicks, also.

  3. If you lose the bet and must perforce eat cauliflower, may I recommend a fiery yellow curry? Your local vegetarian Indian restaurant can help you with that.
    Damn. Now I’m hungry.

  4. R Paul The Younger does not have the intellectual ability nor capacity given to R Paul The Older. (Not necessarily a bad thing, it is what it is.) A vast army of consultants wil not be able to cover for him. Any run for higher office will quickly wither on the vine.

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