Malaka Of The Week: Susan Collins

The Susan Rice farce continues anon. I remain gobsmacked that John McCain’s
personal pique is driving the whole story as well as getting Senators who
allegedly know better involved. The Senator in question is Maine’s
Susan Collins
. I am avoiding the usual modifier applied to her,
“moderate,” because I’m not buying it, and I’m sick and tired of
hearing her called a moderate when on vote after vote after vote, she toes
the party line. The late Senator Jake Javits of Noo Yawk was a genuine
GOP moderate, Senator Collins is not. That is why she is malaka of the week.

Collins has added *another* specious concern to this mess: Rice’s role in the aftermath of 1998 bombings
in Tanzania and Kenya when she worked for the Clinton administration. This is preposterous: it never came up when
Rice was nominated for her UN post and Senator Moderate Malaka voted *for* Rice
but now it suddenly matters.

I don’t give Collins’ complaints about Rice’s “political role”
after the Benghazi fiasco any weight whatsoever. I have a policy of
disregarding and mocking any pol who criticizes someone else for playing
politics. Every act by every administration is political even when they deny
it. There is no separation between politics and government, and there never has
been, and never will be.

The worst that can be said about Ambassador Rice’s alleged offense is that
she lied for her country and her President, which she didn’t, and even if she
had, it is the essence of diplomacy. Just ask Henry Kissinger.

I was strongly in favor of John Kerry being appointed as the master of the Foggy
Bottom bureaucracy; until this week, that is. I think the President needs to go
ahead and appoint Rice, and fight for her nomination unless she declines it in
disgust. Who could blame her?

Hell, I’m not even one of those people who believes in the Scott Brown
restoration theory as the explanation for this surreal episode. That’s too
rational. This whole thing reeks of the irrationality and personal pique that
drives every action by Senator Walnuts. I think he’s predominantly pissed off
at Rice because she made her comments on a Sunday show. That’s McCain’s safe
place, y’all. I admit that that’s a crazy notion but who’s crazier and pettier
than John McCain?

Senator Collins, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for stooping to McCain
and Little Lindsey’s level when even Holy Joe would not go along with them. I
used to think you were okay, but now I see you for what you are: a fake
moderate and a real malaka.

8 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Susan Collins

  1. Boy Genius Bobby is gonna have to go back to the drawing board on his voucher debacle!!!!

  2. So McGrumpy, who didn’t even bother to attend the Benghazi hearing/briefing, is jumping up and down that in the midst of developing news (where it would take quite some time to figure out what actually happened), what Rice said was accurate for the information she had at the time.
    When is he gonna start complaining that having boatloads of information which had been well sifted through, we had clear, incontrovertable proof of WMDS?
    Obama could try to nominate Bolton and they’d still complain. (Just look at how Boehner is painting himself inro a corner over the budget. First saying Obama should present a solution. Obama presents one and Boehner says that talks at a stalemate even though Reid et all are still ready to talk.).

  3. Collins is out at the end of this term, right? I imagine she is “playing along” to secure her future employment at some conservative think tank, lobbying firm, or at Fox News.
    By the way, I just ran across this item from last summer. I had no idea Collins was never married until a few months ago, and that she married a guy for whom she used to work as an intern. Not saying there’s anything weird about it, I just never knew this.

  4. she tows the party line.
    No. You’re better than this.
    She toes the party line.
    The metaphor is the moment before the start of a footrace,
    when one toe over the line disqualifies the runner.
    It says she adheres strictly to the exact letter of the party’s official policies,
    and never says anything to contradict them in the slightest.
    It says nothing about advocacy or evangelism, (which I assume is the motivating metaphor for “tow the line”, somehow)
    Yes, I’m an annoying pedant.
    You can also reliably set me off by writing “hone in on”.

  5. How can you defend Rice given her conflict of interest on Keystone? Just because the Republicans are attacking her does not make her worthy.

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