Speaking of Cockfights

Holy COW, they are wanking hard over at RedState:

You praised, in other words, a man whom only Kathryn Jean Lopez and Justin Hart could describe as carrying any sort of conservativerecord, a man who has spent his entire campaign shooting at conservatives, and a man who did more than anyone other than George W. Bush and Tom DeLay to stain the Republican image of fiscal austerity. In the very same piece, you treated a man with actual, real, conservative accomplishmentsover the course of a decade of governance as a tongue-tied embarrassment.


Not only that, but your collective response to theBain issue — which, remember, is going to get just the teensiest airing from Obama’s merry crew in the general election —has been like the sound of a thousand scalded cats screaming in pain and fear, but without the silence that comes after.

Okay, Obi-Wan.


6 thoughts on “Speaking of Cockfights

  1. *pops bowl of popcorn* Is it too late to root for injuries?
    Face it, RedState; your chosen political party is an extension of the Wall Street/corporate oligarchy, and you are all serfs. They distract you and rile you up by appealing to your narrow-minded social agenda (not to mention race-baiting and religious bigotry) and you lap it up because they make you feel like you’re important.
    Just like the guy who sold you your last car.

  2. Hyperbole is the new truthiness word for fact checking?
    And do they get the irony that they elected GWB as a true Texas Conservative (he ran on that platform of saving money)? They even called for minting coins with his visage while he was in office. In office he could do no wrong. They are now running this campaign by calling GWB all these nasty names.

  3. Did I miss a merger between the RedState Trike Force and the Free Republic Space Cadets (shudder… the result would probably sound a lot like the script of “Starship Troopers”)?

  4. and a man who did more than anyone other than George W. Bush and Tom DeLay to stain the Republican image of fiscal austerity
    Yeah! Everyone knows that GWB single-handedly wrote and passed every single bill to create the Department of Homeland Security, send military spending through the roof with not one butb two unneccessary wars, pay to try to help people whose lives were ruined by natural disasters (offer not valid in New Orleans) and raised the debt ceilingseven times so we could continue to get China and others to pick up the tab.
    And he certainly did it against the wishes of the Twoo Conservatives at places like RedState, and was savaged by the likes of Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Andrew Sullivan for doing so.
    The cognition, it is dissonant.

  5. The paragraph in that mess which astonished me the most is this one:

    Without any disrespect to its current leadership, I believed and believe that his [Jonah Goldberg’s] departure as editor of NRO is one of the greatest losses the publication as a whole has ever experienced.

    Well. To each his dagnab own, as Walt Kelly said, but anyone who praises that little twerp in that fashion forfeits any right to have his judgment taken seriously about anything other than the relative wetness or dryness of water.

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