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The-who odds--sods

I’m in for yet another week from h-e-double hockey sticks so I thought I’d go the quick blurb route. I also decided to pander to all the ice people out there by making a hockey reference. Guess I’m still capable of some puckishness.

The No Harbaugh Bowl Blues:I was pulling for the Harbaugh brother coached Ravens and Niners yesterday and we know how that went. I didn’t watch either game but it sounded like the heartbreak of psoriasis for those who did since nobody but their own fans root for either the Foxboro Bradys or the Jersey Elis. The good news is that I can skip the Stupor Bowl this year.

NOLA Crime Report:Murder and mayhem are off to a fast start in 2012. It usually doesn’t heat up until it, uh, heats up. BUT the crime on everyone’s mind was the wasted Bama fan who teabagged a wasted LSU fan after the BCS Championship. I nearly made the aforementioned teabagger, Brian Downing, malaka of the week but the story moved too fast: it broke in Deadspin a week after the game and within a few days the Tide teabagger was identified and surrendered to the NOPD. He’s charged with sexual battery, gross malakatude and egregious idiocy. Me, I was just relieved that it wasn’t theBrian Downingwho played for the ChiSox, Angels and Rangers back in the day.

One may be able to get away with murder in the Crescent City but not dragging one’s microscopic sized testicles across a drunk’s face. We have standards in NOLA albeit low ones…

If you want to see the notorious video follow this link to Deadspin.

Why Is Anyone Shocked? There’s someconsternation around the interwebsover Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s rendition of the national anthem before the Foxboro Bradys game. Tyler sounded like he was being strangled with one of his own scarves, which is how he *always* sounds.

Newtmentum: Finally, a political note. In theimmortal words of Mitt Haircut I was delighted by his loss and Newt’s win. Like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama is lucky in his enemies but who thought it would be the same enemy? Newt has been wildly unpopular for at least 15 years and only has a shot at this thing because the GOP has a bad case of rabies. It’s time for Mittbot to reboot in the wake of these Newtastic developments. Btw, there’s a great piece online by the author ofNixonland, Rick Perlstein, about *why* Mitt Romney became such a slippery, unprincipled douchebag: it’s because his father was too candid and too principled.

One mo thang: thanks, South Carolina.

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  1. Where did your ‘blog-city’ blog go?
    I missed Tyler’s rendition of the national anthem, but I’m sure I’ll see a rebroadcast somewhere online.

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