5 thoughts on “Paging the ghost of Upton Sinclair

  1. So apparently “reasonable and predictable” means “easy to game”. Good to know.

  2. Wonder how long this was going on before they got caught…and what sort of slap-on-the-wrist the Gret Stet of Texas will sternly administer.
    Sigh: years ago an incinerator operator–if I remember right, Rollins–in this area (Baton Rouge, Loosiana) was caught violating all kinds of air-quality regulations, so the judge insisted they be fined…all of $10,000 dollars, i.e., one Mitt Romney bet.
    And then he suspended the fine if Rollins paid for an air conditioner installation at a local community center.
    Ain’t the free market grand?

  3. Busted!
    Here in MO the electric company (Ameren UE) had a devastating dam break at the Tam Sauk reservoir a few years ago. Now in the news, they want to build some more plants and tout their history of safety – even though they are also involved in a high profile whistle blower scuffle.

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