16 thoughts on “Caption This: Laundromat Edition

  1. Goddammit, where’s Juanita? Fuck this Presidential run bullshit. No job is worth the humiliation of domestic labor.

  2. Mitt, when they talk about laundering your money they don’t… oh, never mind. You’re doin’ great, champ.

  3. By the time the spin cycle kicks in, this fucking dog will re-think the whole “let’s shit on the roof of the car” act.

  4. Is it him actually doing laundry and just being “caught” by the press by accident, a planned photo op, or photoshop.
    Only your maid knows for sure.

  5. what the…? mitt. honey. I really appreciate the help, but you can’t put the dishes in with the clothes…there’s another machine for those.

  6. you mean the little people actually do this with their underwear after they wear it?

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