To the moon, Newt


Newt Gingrich seems to be channeling either Jackie Gleason or Ray Bradbury right now. Personally, I think alunar base would be awesome in a sci-fi, Trekkie kinda way but the Apollo program, uh, took off when the economy was purring like a cat with a Harley implant. I wouldn’t, however, object if we sent Newt to the moon: he could be the Lunar Kaiser instead of a mere candidate pandering to Florida’s Space Coast.

11 thoughts on “To the moon, Newt

  1. I thought we had already resolved the question of who owns the moon with the moon treaty.
    I guess since it hasn’t been ratified he figures he can just blow it off and claim it as a US territory. That won’t cause any problems at all. Certainly not.

  2. How does the moon base play with Newt’s posse? Spending a lot of money for something which absolutely won’t pay off for at least a decade? Taking the opportunity away from a private company? The jobs created aren’t blue collar. etc.
    I’d love a moon base too. But does he have any idea of what needs to be done to lay the groundwork?

  3. Here’s a sample from a promotional movie coming out about Newt Gingrich’s plan for a moonbase:

  4. Remember Chapell’w ‘black bush’ where He was mocking the first Bush jr. term. I was just watching a clip of that and he has a bit about the moon … and MARS Bitches! Laughed my ass off. Later that same day, I’m drivng home and I hear friggin Newt talk about a permanent moon base. It would have been funny if it I weren’t so frightened for my country right now.

  5. Wasn’t the Apollo program and the rest of the Space Race basically the US/Soviet Arms Race in drag? Us showing them we could build and fire missiles farther and with more accuracy, and vice versa?

  6. Tom Allen, unfortunately I can’t find a “like” button under your post.

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