Weekend Question Thread

Do you have a favorite restaurant? What is it?

There’s a Middle Eastern place not far from where we live that I swear puts crack of some kind in their falafel because HOMG. When I found out they delivered I was terrified I’d never leave the house again.


24 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Yes, and oddly enough my favorite lunch place is also Middle Eastern. Their shish tawouk is full of awesome. The balance of garlic, salty, savory, and pickles is perfect. (I’m betting on a spritz of nicotine+heroin, myself.)

  2. I used to adore the Old Biloxi Schooner in, well, Biloxi MS. But that was before Katrina washed that whole neighborhood out to sea.
    In Madison, though, there’s this amazing Italian joint–Osteria Papavero. I swear to Christ, they must shave black tar heroin over all of their food.
    All of it.

  3. Unfortunately, where I live, there’s a blight of chain restaurants, and any number of places serving Mexican food, but in virtually all of them, the cooks think lard is one the major food groups. Not too tasty, and not at all good for my aging gall bladder.
    This just one of those places where I can get better food at home.

  4. Recently visited Le Viet Cafe, which just opened up near our place, and that chicken of theirs with their rice plate is incredible. I also just recently had a Cajun Delight po-boy (crawfish, fried green tomatoes, lettuce & green onions in a remoulade sauce on French bread) in nearby Metairie, of all places, and see that becoming my new go-to place…
    …but Commander’s for lunch and Mandina’s anytime keep us coming back whenever we can, however we can.

  5. not really. rather eat my own cooking. THO, if i can, Sammy’s in fort worth was awesome. meat meat + more meat + frings! the best of both worlds and man those were good onion rings.

  6. About to get me a sammich at Cooter Brown’s in NOLA. I’m starving. This will be my favorite for the next hour…

  7. Forgot that Pascal’s Manale not open til 5 on Saturday. Mebe tomoro BBQ shrimp n turtle soup. Ahhhhhhhhh!

  8. Used to be Ethiopian in Portland but that is now too far away and then it was the Fiddlehead in Juneau and that is now too far away and the La Famila in Kehei is closed and that is pretty far away too, so there is noooo good food close to me so I have to cook my own. Sob.

  9. Merichka’s on Theodore Street, Crest Hill, IL. Steak poorboys with garlic butter and twice-baked potatoes on the side are the house speciality. Been going there with my wife since we were in high school; the restaurant’s been there since 1933.

  10. Lucky, lucky me. Out here in Ann Arbor we have scads of great restaurants — Paesano for Italian, Zingerman’s Deli (and Zingerman’s Roadhouse), Gourmet Garden for Chinese, Pizza House, the Quarter Bistro for NOLA done gourmet, Satchel’s BBQ, Miki for Japanese, Tuptim Thai… I haven’t yet had the delights of The Blue Tractor, but it sounds as if they have amazing burgers and barbecue.

  11. No favorites here in Baton Rouge, but I try to go once in a while to some of the newly opened downtown restraunts to support them…some folks here are trying to make this place at least a little like a real city.
    Otherwise, hey, we’ve also got a really good Mediterranean place that’s doing something to make the hummus and schwarma addictive…mmmm…
    Beyond that, I’m not a great cook, but an ok one, and live close enough to work that I can come home for lunch, which saves some money and is a nice little break in the day.

  12. Hmm. Zingermans Roadhouse WAS my local joint until I moved across the state.
    Now I don’t so much have one favorite. Or maybe I’m still looking for it.

  13. Zio Giovanni’s in Schaumburg (NW suburb of Chicago). Little hole-in-the-wall neighborhood Italian joint.

  14. There’s a little French bistro place up the street from us called Table 3 that is awesome. I could eat there every day. It’s right next to our movie theater so we eat there a lot. One morning about 4 months after they opened I’m watching the local news and the reporter comes on to talk about a restaurant on fire in my neighborhood and when they said it was Table 3 I was like, “Noooooooooo…” Place was closed for a freaking YEAR. I thought, no way is this place going to reopen, it’s gone, after it had barely opened. But the good news is, it did reopen, last November, and we were among the first to eat there after they reopened. We’re there about once a week now. It’s great in the wintertime because the menu has French comfort food — coq au vin and a roast chicken and the husband got this incredibly decadent duck burger made with duck fat. Lord I don’t know how those French people stay skinny.
    If you’re ever in Nashville, check out Table 3!

  15. La Indita in Tucson. Mostly Michoacan-style Mexican, but with the bestMole Poblano I’ve ever found anywhere in Arizona.

  16. Not my fault, Mass. Jeez, you Monrovians are very sensitive.
    Two favorites: Louisiana Bistro, which is owned and operated by my friend Chef Mars. Great classic bistro food.
    The second just closed but it deserves a mention anyhoo since A ate there after Rising Tide and they catered the event as well. J’anita’s was one of the best reviewed joints in the city but they had to keep moving and a bad location finally did them in. Once again, there’s cronyism involved the chef-owners the Gieseckes are dear friends of Dr A and mine. This closing feels like a death in the family.

  17. Yeah, the Gieseckes’ lamb chops on cheese grits…I must go weep. Not to mention, my boyfriend still dreams of their ‘Grown-up Grilled Cheese’ sandwich. And I miss the Buddha’s Temptation, the fried mac & cheese…etc, etc…
    I haven’t found a place in L.A. (or the S.O. area) that is my ‘ZOMG, GOTTA GO TO!’ eatery. But I am already making sure I hit some of my MUSTS when I get to NOLA for Mardi Gras. I’ll have a moment of silence for J’Anita’s when I get there.
    From my life in Houston – Shipley Do-Nuts would rock my world w/their freshly made plain glazed donuts and their coffee. Nothing fancy, but damn…made a morning worth whatever travails I was facing that day.

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